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With the rapid development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for doors and windows. Insulating glass doors and windows are widely loved by consumers because of their superior thermal insulation, sound insulation and environmental protection. Due to the great competitiveness of the market, the categories and prices of insulating glass are very different, which dazzles us who buy doors and windows. How can we identify some fake and inferior insulating glass

first, look at the profiles with high-quality appearance. The surface looks smooth and delicate, flat and clean, with uniform color and no cracks and bubbles; There is no fracture and welding at the welding position; The hardness and thickness are enough to knock the surface of the profile with a hammer without cracking. Consumers can observe the glass from the side. The glass is flat and has no color difference. Looking through the glass, the article has no deformation, which is a qualified product

second, check whether there is an aluminum spacer strip. There are many air holes on the aluminum spacer strip, which can absorb the moisture in the gas and prevent the "foggy" phenomenon of glass doors and windows after being heated, while the fake "hollow" glass does not have these devices

III. The quality of auxiliary materials for hollow glass doors and windows is also very critical. The auxiliary materials are mainly sealing wool and sealant strips. High quality sealing wool and sealant strips are neat, tight and elastic, which can effectively prevent water and dust. Poor sealant strips, after three to five years, the air may enter the hollow glass doors and windows, and the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of the doors and windows will be affected

IV. look at the quality of profiles. High quality insulating glass doors and windows use high-quality profiles, such as well-known table glass profiles, green profiles, etc., while low-grade profiles are used for low-quality insulating glass doors and windows, and some even use secondary recycled profiles (the appearance is pasted with a film of well-known profiles)

v. look at the identification of hardware accessories. Seeing the quality of hardware accessories is also helpful to judge the quality of hollow glass doors and windows. For example, the surface of metal materials such as hinges and door locks should be subject to anti-corrosion treatment, such as galvanizing, chrome plating, spraying, or made of stainless steel materials. Hinges shall be designed to prevent deformation of doors and windows. Try to use multi-point lock with good anti-theft effect for door lock


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