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At 9 a.m. on July 8, 2018, "xingpai Business School" was officially established

family members of xingpai

pay attention to the partners of xingpai

the long-awaited "xingpai Business School" has finally been established

at 9 a.m. on July 8, 2018, with the countdown of the host's " start", the cheers of on-site special guests, more than 300 xingpai door and window dealers and xingpai door and window staff across the country, the "xingpai Business School" was officially established

Mao Haidong, director of Sales Department of xingpai, delivered a speech for the establishment of "xingpai Business School"

Mao Haidong, director of sales department, together with all employees and guests, reviewed the past, looked forward to the future, and put forward new plans and blueprints, marking that xingpai doors and windows will enter a new era from high-speed growth to high-quality development from now on

xingpai business school has hired caoyingjie, a specially invited lecturer in the "cutting-edge lectures" column, a master of China's new business thinking planning, the first person to clinch a deal in Asia, "peak", the founder of subversive marketing "Whampoa Military Academy", the landing tutor of the enterprise's "automatic operation system", and a special researcher of the academic committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the dean of the school

at 9:00 a.m. on July 8, 2018, the launching ceremony of Foshan xingpai business school and the national terminal store operation summit with the mission of "focusing on solving the operation of terminal stores" were grandly held at South China days hotel, Sanshui, Foshan, Guangdong Province

xinxingpai new business school

"the founding ceremony of xingpai door and window business school and the national terminal store operation summit" was successfully held

the theme of this event is "gathering potential stars ・ joint efforts and win-win results"

Liang Huorong, vice president of Guangdong door association, chairman of Foshan StarCraft aluminum group, Li Xiaojun, financial director of StarCraft doors and windows, he Zhijun, Secretary General of StarCraft doors and windows general office, Yu Zhibing, production director of StarCraft doors and windows, Mao Haidong, director of StarCraft doors and windows Sales Department, and other company leaders attended the event. In addition, more than 300 representatives of StarCraft doors and windows franchised stores and news media reporters from all over the country attended the meeting

the host of this meeting, Cheng Zibin

xingpai doors and windows, will hold a series of traveling training sessions in major regions across the country, with more new knowledge and new methods, calling for new business to give enterprises new wisdom and new development momentum

xingpai business school is different from traditional university business schools that focus on theory and universities that only serve a few high-end elites

xingpai business school is positioned as a landing business school focusing on solving the pain points of stores, and an inclusive and service-oriented business model focusing on practical operation to solve store problems

director Cao gave us all the experience and research accumulated for many years, including sales practice and marketing management research, years of management consulting and training experience, marketing, management skills, personal development, team training and other training courses, which benefited our families a lot

with a series of rich and colorful practical cases, President Cao Yingjie formed a professional, systematic, forward-looking and effective training proposition and a unique speech style through personal practice. The teaching style is warm, vivid, humorous and simple. He can organically combine foreign advanced ideas with the actual situation of China, has strong practical experience, and shares many new views and information with you at the same time

at the end of the meeting, general manager Mao, the director of xingpai Sales Department, announced on the spot that the dealers present could enjoy a series of preferential activities, as well as signing preferential activities on site. Many dealers who were interested in cooperation came to the stage to sign contracts with xingpai doors and windows, and the scene was shocking

thank the dealers for their arrival and strong support





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