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Anticorrosive paint is a kind of paint that has a longer service life and can adapt to a more demanding environment, which is called anticorrosive paint. In addition to considering the application scope and environmental conditions of the objects to be coated, the material, coating requirements and price, construction conditions and coating compatibility of the objects to be coated must also be considered at the same time

1. Consider according to the application scope and environmental conditions of the coated objects

for example, bridge paint: mainly consider the two aspects of steel corrosion prevention and outdoor weather resistance. If the bridge is in a humid tropical environment, it also needs to consider the three prevention properties. In addition, if the coating is often wet or heated for a long time, static or vibrating, their choice of coating should be different. In a humid and hot environment, paint with good water resistance and humidity resistance must be selected, otherwise, the coating cannot be durable, and blistering and falling off will occur in a short time. If the indoor paint with poor weather resistance is applied outdoors, it will soon produce light loss, discoloration and chalking, and lose the function of the paint

2. Consider according to the material of the coating

metals include steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and surface treatments include zinc plating, chromium plating, phosphating, etc. Therefore, the same coating cannot be selected indiscriminately. For example, red lead, iron red, zinc rich, etc. can be selected for rust prevention of steel surface. How can decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. Non ferrous metals should be zinc yellow, etc. Galvanized paint on steel must be alkali resistant and saponifiable

3. According to the coating requirements and price considerations

it is also used on steel. The cost and requirements of ordinary plants and steel buildings are very different. Ordinary plants only need red lead antirust primer and fire retardant coating

4. Considering the construction conditions,

it is difficult to choose the drying paint for large steel objects. The air drying type is slightly slow, and the volatilization is fast, but it is not suitable for painting. The two-component paint has excellent performance and needs to be prepared and used now. Therefore, each paint has its own different construction conditions and use environment. For different components, it is necessary to choose different paints reasonably and effectively

5. Considering the compatibility of paint

with the development of economy, new paint varieties emerge in endlessly, and various performances vary greatly. As a department involved, construction personnel need to understand the compatibility of all kinds of paint (paint) in addition to the variety, composition, characteristics, purpose and storage period of all kinds of paint at all times. Improper matching will affect the adhesion between coating and substrate, coating and coating, If it is serious, the whole coating will be scrapped, resulting in rework. In order to strengthen the adhesion between layers, attention should be paid to the compatibility between primer, putty, middle layer, topcoat and varnish. It should be proved through practice whether the adhesion between them is stable and does not bite the bottom, so as to achieve the expected effect. Generally, copper type paint varieties are selected. In addition, attention should be paid to auxiliary materials, such as diluents and curing agents. When choosing paint, we should choose the varieties that are economical and meet the performance requirements. Generally, we should not downgrade the high-quality varieties, which will cause waste to the enterprise. At the same time, we should not reluctantly use the varieties that cannot meet the performance indicators, so as to avoid unnecessary losses





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