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It is an indisputable fact that the market competition is fierce, but looking at the entire door and window franchise industry, there are also many stores operating in the wind. So, what are the sales skills of franchise stores for doors and windows? Today, Guanhao doors and windows will talk to you about the sales tips in the door and window store

how to face consumers in the sales skills of franchise stores of doors and windows

sell yourself first when selling doors and windows. How to sell? First of all, the image of oneself should be clean and generous in clothes, steady in behavior, and greet with a smile. As the saying goes, reach out and don't smile, even if consumers don't like you, it will hinder face communication with you

when we go shopping, what is the most afraid thing? I believe many people have experienced this kind of experience. They are afraid of the enthusiasm of the salesperson, or they can't bear that enthusiasm. I've been following you to talk about the advantages of the product. We tried to hold back our emotions and listened to him nagging. In fact, we've already felt disgusted in our hearts. It's annoying to repeat introductions back and forth. We know whether to buy or not. No matter how much hype you say, it won't do. On the contrary, it may cause our resistance to lose more than gain

therefore, we should pay attention to that when consumers enter the door and window stores, they should not jump directly to explain with excessive enthusiasm. What consumers need is relaxed, free and happy shopping, so we should give consumers enough space, but it doesn't mean to ignore it. When you need to explain, you should go up and introduce it in time

when introducing, let consumers understand in plain language, and communicate face-to-face with consumers. The expression must be straightforward, concise and straightforward. You can use humorous language appropriately. As the saying goes, if you can't buy or sell, you can't say anything. Words are naturally good as soon as they arrive




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