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Due to China's vast territory and abundant resources, the climate difference between the South and the north is very large, "orange is born in Huainan, and orange is born in Huaibei". Because of this feature, people choose aluminum alloy doors and windows to consider the emphasis of doors and windows in combination with their own environment, so as not to cause unnecessary waste. I will introduce the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the South and North and the precautions for purchase

first, the north is mainly characterized by thick aluminum and stable style. The most representative is the grid style, and the most distinctive of the grid is tangge

1. There are some local regulations on the use of doors and windows in the North: for example, external windows are limited to buildings above the 7th floor. It is mainly because it is muggy in summer and cold in winter, so a door and window with good temperature insulation effect can bring a lot of comfort to the room and save a lot of energy consumption

2. The indoor temperature of rooms with aluminum alloy doors and windows in the north can be 4-5 degrees higher than that of rooms with wooden doors and windows in winter; The effect of using double glazing doors and windows in northern areas will be better

second, the south is mainly characterized by a variety of aluminum shapes and lively styles. The most representative is the flower glass style, including lattice, ice carving, shallow carving, crystal shell, etc

3. The climate in the south is humid and humid, especially in the coastal areas. In addition to being wet and cold, there are typhoons. Therefore, doors and windows in the South should first be superior to other door and window products in terms of wind pressure resistance and water tightness, and it is also necessary to ensure proper thermal insulation performance

4. Thermal insulation performance

considering the "wet and cold" climate in southern China, especially in winter, this "wet and cold" is even stronger, so it is necessary to ensure that the selected doors and windows have proper thermal insulation performance

5, noise reduction performance

relatively speaking, the economy in southern China is relatively developed, and the noise pollution of construction sites and traffic flow is relatively serious, so there are high requirements for the sound insulation and noise reduction function of door and window products


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