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Characteristics and applications of several types of high-grade packaging paper 1. Characteristics of gorgeous paper series: the "gorgeous" series of art paper integrates traditional papermaking technology and modern post-processing technology, and the paper surface is wear-resistant and folding resistant, showing metallic luster and velvet texture; After color printing, the picture effect is more dazzling and dynamic. At present, there are three kinds of patterns in gorgeous paper: Gorgeous dot pattern, gorgeous horizontal pattern and gorgeous silk pattern

usage: gorgeous paper has excellent performance in the binding and cover of all kinds of books and picture albums, publicity posters, advertisements, greeting cards, invitations, fine prints, high-grade gift boxes, wine box packaging, etc

color: gorgeous paper has 11 colors: 01 white, 02 light gray, 03 meter gray, 04 ice color, 05 magic color ink green, 06 meter white 19, oil pump noise small color, 07 light yellow, 08 sky blue, 09 magic color dark blue, 10 red, 11 bean red

printability: (Heidelberg four-color printing)

the printer shall be equipped with an infrared or ultraviolet drying device; The printing speed shall not exceed 6000 sheets per hour; The powder particles shall be properly enlarged; Each printed paper shall be separated by a board; Use oxidizing dry ink The best choice of Japanese ink, the worst can not be worse than shenri ink. The number of lines for plate making should be between. When the pressure is properly increased, the intermediate plate adjustment has the functions of fast coarse adjustment and slow fine adjustment. It can heat anodized aluminum, die cut and press concave convex

II. Color soldering paper

also known as: hot melt paper

characteristics: color soldering paper is a special art paper with noble color and smooth paper surface; The surface treatment of color soldering paper can show the effect similar to ink printing and woodcut without ink or other hot stamping materials, and give people a feeling of returning to basics. The white hot fuse uniformly mixed in the pulp without the permission of the U.S. Food and drug administration because Dynesys can not be used, not only adds a noble and gorgeous texture to the color soldering paper, but also is characterized by the fact that when the paper is heated and the temperature reaches 180 ℃, the white hot fuse begins to melt, and the color of some papers heated becomes darker, resulting in an effect that can not be replaced by printing; If the heat branding effect is good, the surrounding area will produce fire branding, which will form a very good artistic effect. Engraving zinc plate can be used for hot soldering, but engraving copper plate can be used for large amount of hot soldering, which is more durable. The hot soldering machine is an ordinary bronzing machine. If the bronzing machine has a time-delay function, the hot soldering effect is better

usage: color soldering paper has special effect in Book packaging, various packaging gift boxes, greeting cards and other applications. Greeting card, wall calendar, decorative painting, book cover, ring lining, gift box packaging, gift bag, paper bag, gift outer packaging

color: 02 skin color, 06 beige, 07 meter grey, 08 grey green, 09 brown, 10 blue, 11 military green, 12 purple red, 14 mustard green, 15 big red, 23 medium grey

III. environmental protection leather paper

characteristics: CYP leather paper is a popular environmental protection packaging paper in the world. The paper is soft, with leather feeling, surface layer, wear resistance and folding resistance. The surface is coated with environmental protection water-based raw materials

purpose: CYP environmental protection leather paper is widely used in the binding cover, waist cover, advanced gift box, wine box and all kinds of packaging of all kinds of books and picture books.

color: CYP environmental protection leather paper currently provides the following colors: bright red, dark red, dark blue, dark green, black and grass green

"CYP" is a registered trademark of Changyi company. At present, Changyi art paper products are mainly high-grade packaging paper. The paper is crisp, colorful, and has high abrasion resistance, folding resistance and water resistance, highlighting the combination of art and technology. The quality of CYP high-grade packaging art paper is comparable to that of European and Japanese products. At present, it has become the preferred packaging material for gift boxes of multinational brand companies and foreign trade export gift boxes. CYP bright series packaging art paper provides dozens of different lines and hundreds of colors for customers to choose, and can also be developed and customized according to the lines and colors specified by customers

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