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In recent years, China's economy has gradually entered a new normal of development. On the one hand, the domestic economy has remained stable on the whole, the advantages of economic flexibility and flexibility have been brought into play, and the potential has become increasingly apparent; On the other hand, the downward pressure on the economy began to increase, the growth rate of investment gradually slowed down, and the supply and demand structure urgently needed to be optimized. Under such a new normal, the domestic economy has gradually entered a crucial period of adjustment, transformation and upgrading

affected by this, China's paper industry has also begun to move from quantity oriented to a new stage of development that attaches importance to quality, grade and level. The demand for large-scale, high-speed, automation and specialization of the papermaking equipment industry, as well as the requirements for high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption, have been put forward continuously. The development of pulping is gradually entering the fast lane of transformation and upgrading

development status of pulping and papermaking equipment in China

the development of papermaking industry is inseparable from three major elements: raw materials, process and papermaking equipment. China, as the country of origin of papermaking, has been at the leading level in the world for thousands of years; In terms of raw materials, China is also known as a "big country of straw pulp" with amplitude fluctuation not greater than 2%fs of each grade, and continues to make use of this advantage to further expand the types of raw materials. At present, the biggest obstacle to the development of China's paper industry is the equipment problem

pulping and papermaking equipment is an important carrier to realize the pulping and papermaking process. Therefore, the scientific and technological level of pulping and papermaking equipment directly affects and determines the development level of pulping and papermaking industry to a great extent. At present, although China's pulping and papermaking equipment technology has made some development achievements, there is still a big gap with foreign advanced technology

in terms of material preparation equipment. At present, under the influence of the structure adjustment of papermaking raw materials in China, the research and development of such equipment as waste paper sorting, tree peeling and chipping, grass wet hair preparation and so on have made some progress. However, relevant achievements are mainly reflected in the design of raw material impurity removal, classification, size processing capacity and mechanical structure, and other aspects are not improved much

in pulping and bleaching equipment. According to different pulping methods and raw materials, China has made different development achievements. Among them, chemical pulping equipment and waste paper pulping equipment are mainly focused on the development of complete sets of equipment, energy saving and large-scale, while high-yield pulping equipment is reflected in the improvement of product adaptability, operation quality and material life. As for bleaching equipment, in addition to improving the localization rate in the washing stage, other equipment are imported

in terms of beating equipment. In recent years, China has made corresponding progress in the adaptability of core components, compactness of equipment structure, longevity of main components, running in of operation process, accuracy of operation time, etc. at the same time, it has also improved the large-scale and energy-saving products, that is, the recycling and automation we advocate

in paper machine. In recent years, China has always carried out research on the high-speed, wide width, energy saving, compactness and automation of paper machines. Although the overall equipment has not been upgraded and improved, some functions of some single equipment have been met, and the R & D and upgrading are still in further development

the future industrial upgrading needs to achieve these

in general, China's pulp and paper equipment is accelerating the task of technology research and development and function upgrading. Under the challenge of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, the needs of digital, intelligent and green transformation are continuously integrated into the upgrading process of paper equipment. However, industrial upgrading is not an overnight achievement, and the congenital gap between China and foreign countries can not be filled in an instant. In addition to grasping the development trend in the new era, it is also necessary to solve various problems faced by the industry

among them, the lack of technological innovation capability is the primary problem of China's industrial development. In this regard, China needs the government and the industry to strengthen the research on the market promotion of new technologies, new products and new equipment on the one hand, so as to find common problems and root causes and characteristics, so as to determine the shortcomings and development direction of the technology; On the other hand, we should also strengthen the training and introduction of talents and the effective utilization of scientific and technological resources, and make contributions to the enhancement of the technical strength of the industry through policy bonus support or industry subsidies

the lack of industry norms and product standards is another major problem in industrial development. Facing this problem, China needs to actively participate in the formulation and revision of international standards, and strive to improve the voice of China's paper equipment industry in the world; Encourage enterprises to protect their own intellectual property rights, especially patented technologies and inventions, and give appropriate subsidies to enterprises applying for patents abroad; At the same time, we will develop normative policies for intellectual property rights in such activities as industry university research cooperation and industrial alliance cooperation, and intensify the crackdown on violations of intellectual property rights

finally, enterprises are an important subject for the development and upgrading of industries, and small, medium-sized and micro enterprises are the backbone of China's paper equipment enterprises. However, China's small, medium-sized and micro enterprises still face many problems, such as lack of funds, lack of technology and so on. In view of this, China should optimize the application of funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, improve relevant supporting policies, strengthen the construction of comprehensive service system, establish a free software upgrade information exchange mechanism, and provide comprehensive and effective public services for small and medium-sized and micro enterprises. The experiment failed, ultimately boosting the sustainable growth of the main body of industrial development

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