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Characteristics and application scope of hose explosion test system

basic knowledge of explosion test bench I. application scope of hose explosion test bench: the explosion test bench is mainly used for ex factory inspection of the following parts: Automotive hoses: steering pipes, brake pipes, air conditioning pipes because of their moisturizing effect 3 times that of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), fuel pipes, cooling water pipes, heat dissipation hoses, heating hoses, air filter hoses Turbocharging

explosion test bench is mainly used for factory inspection of the following parts:

automotive hoses: steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning pipe, fuel pipe, cooling water pipe, heat dissipation hose, warm air hose, air filter hose, turbocharging system hose; The engineering hydraulic hose is mainly used for the blasting test of hydraulic pipes of hydraulic equipment, engineering machinery, mining machinery, etc; Aviation hoses and manifolds; Other hard pipes or joints as well as automobile brake pump and cylinder body

II. Characteristics of the blasting test bench system:

1. Advanced technology, reasonable structural design, small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance

2. All pressure bearing parts are standard parts of international famous brands, without any welding connection, which is convenient for disassembly, high safety factor, long service life and easy for maintenance

3. Data report: the corresponding data report subtracting the energy loss of the impactor itself can be printed as required

4. Tightening method: automatic tightening

5. Data acquisition: professional pressure and temperature acquisition software, and display the curve

6. Data storage: save the data to excel, and you can view the data at any time

III. technical parameters of blasting test bench: 1. High efficiency

1. Driving air pressure range: 0 7 Mpa; And the output pressure is proportional to the driving air pressure

2. Maximum gas consumption: 1nm3/min

3. Pressure test range: 0-280mpa. Select the corresponding pressure according to the actual needs of customers

4. Working medium: water, hydraulic oil, emulsion, etc

the computer-controlled rubber hose adopts a servo motor control system to control the stretching, tightening speed and displacement more accurately. The pressure blasting test bench is a kind of testing instrument independently developed by our company for pressure blasting of high-pressure rubber hose. It is composed of a computer, a hard disk video recorder, a printer, a control cabinet, a pressure testing pump, etc. it can complete the experiment at one time. The computer automatically generates pressure and time curves, displays them in real time, and stores various data, The Chinese and English inspection reports can be printed at any time, and the data such as the bursting pressure value of the tested hose during the experiment, the wading volume in the whole process of blasting and the duration of the whole experiment can be automatically obtained. During the pressure test, the pump can not only display the pressure value curve in real time, but also be equipped with a high-definition camera and hard disk video recorder to monitor the pressure rise state of the tested hose at any time, which is safer and more intuitive, This equipment can meet the static pressure test of various high-pressure rubber hoses and rubber hoses, and meet various pressure test standards (or non-standard standards), such as factory pressure test, burst test, length test, expansion test, etc

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