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Characteristics and operation of Packaging Carton CAD system

Packaging Carton CAD system is compiled in Windows operating system environment

features of the system:

1. object oriented design: it can draw several geometric graphic objects, such as line segments, circles and arcs, ellipses and arcs, Bezier curves, star lines, chamfers, etc., and can perform hierarchical operations on graphics

2. structural design: a box is generally composed of box cover, bottom, insert and other accessories. Its structure is very strong, especially for tube and disc boxes. The realization of structural design is to take each fitting as a whole (called a block in aotucad) and carry out structural design. Including: definition, and modification of fittings (the same fittings called can be modified at the same time), nesting, etc

3. parametric design: once the length, width, height, paper thickness and other dimensions of the packaging carton, especially the tube and disc-shaped box are given, the position and size of the box shaped accessories can be determined by these parameters since the 810S of the 21st century. By modifying these parameters, box shapes of different sizes can be obtained

4. Set up box type library: set up box type accessories library and overall box type library for packaging cartons. The box shape can be taken out from the library for modification and splicing. The box shape of the box library is realized by parametric design

5 convenient and practical graphic drawing and tools: in view of the fact that the domestic packaging carton design mostly uses the second kind of graphic design software such as reehand and AutoCAD to judge the situation, this point has been fully considered in the development of this system, so the drawing and function of graphics are realized by imitating the operation mode of freehand, AutoCAD and other graphic design

the obvious answer is the former operation tool

1 drawing: it can draw geometric objects more conveniently according to different requirements

2: rotation, translation, expansion, mirror image transformation, undo and redo functions, block and layer operations

3 display: magnifying glass (zoom in and zoom out display), ruler (unit can be cm, inch, point)

4 marking: carry out specific operations of distance and included angle. Let's have a look: marking of etc

5 make up: create bleeding lines, build bridges, and make up large versions

box storage and output

the system can store in standard file formats DXF, AI, HPGL, and connect with other software such as AutoCAD, freehand, etc. You can output to printers, HP plotters

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