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The characteristics of "candy packaging production line" and its flexible application

ames international company was founded by georgepaloose in 1987, packaging and selling cashew nuts imported from its native India. Over the years, the company has greatly expanded its product line to delicious nuts, chocolate and biscuits, and has become one of the major chocolate and nut manufacturers on the west coast of the United States. Ame's products are widely sold in clubs, grocery stores and pharmacies around the world under the brands of amy`s, emily`s, ecosnax and orchardhills. The company has a 55000 square foot manufacturing plant in Fife, Washington, near Tacoma. The factory has first-class equipment for chocolate processing, dipping and icing and packaging

handling various sizes and forms of packaging

ames' packaging equipment includes one vertical and two horizontal packaging machines, which are manufactured by formost packaging company. These machines produce a variety of nuts, nuts, chocolates, fruits and other products. "Formost is very easy to work with, and it has helped us a lot," said susanpaulose, vice president of marketing at Ames

fuji-formostfw-7700 vertical servo packaging machine can handle a variety of different sizes and forms of packaging, from 0.5 ounces sealed on all sides to 8 ounces of self-supporting bags. These packages are weighed by an ishida14 head radial weighing system provided by heat control, which is placed on the platform above the bagging machine

weighing machine to reduce operating costs

during the PD interview, the product line was processing 0.5 oz chocolate coated cranberries. During the operation, cranberries are loaded and sent to the production line, and then manually poured into the horizontal part of the bucket elevator produced by Meyer machinery company. The elevator lifts the product into a vibrating disk feeder, and then discharges the product onto the distributed feeding table of the Ishida weighing machine

the dispersed feeding table transfers the products to 14 radial feeding grooves, and then the products are successively fed to the feeding pool and weighing hopper through vibration. Each radial feed chute adjusts the intensity and time of vibration to ensure adequate supply to the hopper. Once the product enters the hopper, the computer of the weighing machine will select the combination of weighing hoppers (usually 3 to 4), and the cumulative weight of these weighing hoppers is the weight closest to the total packaging weight. Then the selected hopper is opened to feed the product down the discharge chute into the bagging machine. Typically, the system can achieve an accuracy of about 1 to 1.5 grams of overweight

ishida weighing machine has a friendly operation interface, providing clear load weight display and various statistical data. In addition to these visual controls, Ishida's design focuses on ease of cleaning, which simplifies cleaning procedures and reduces downtime. The product contact parts can be easily disassembled without tools. In terms of performance and design, Ishida weighing machine reduces the operating cost for Ames through better weight control, less leakage and shorter cleaning, replacement and maintenance downtime

forming, filling and sealing of film bag

the film of the bag is provided by an Asian company and installed on two reels on the back of the Fuji formost machine. One reel is for operation and the other is for standby. The heat sealing interface machine is equipped with a sensor, which can detect when the film is used up and shut down the machine before the film is used up

an operator joins the film on the new roll to the film on the old roll and restarts the machine. The film is pulled through the machine by the drive reel and the vertical friction drive belt installed on both sides of the filling tube under the forming ring

after the film leaves the reel, a markem9880 inkjet printer prints the date code on the film. An encoder continuously measures the speed of the film and automatically adjusts the printing speed to match the film speed

the film passes through the forming tube at the front of the machine, and a sealing machine heat seals a longitudinal overlapping seal. After leaving the vertical forming equipment, the product intermittently falls into the continuously moving film bag through the forming pipe. 2. Form the film bag when changing the indenter or anvil

then, the film passes through the sealing device, the bag sealing clamp rotates with the film, and a horizontal seal is formed on the film by induction heat. After the bag sealing clip is removed from the film, the bag is cut by the blade

fw-7700 machine has an optional folding device for manufacturing flat bottom bags. The system is driven by the cam from the closing action of the sealing machine. When the sealing machine is about to finish the upper sealing of the filled bag and the bottom sealing of the next bag, the two sets of folding arms (upper arm and lower arm) in front of the sealing machine make bag folding

a sensor installed on the film holder detects the hole marks on the film and starts the processing process of each cycle. It compensates for any slight changes in film length, ensuring perfect registration of each bag. This system mainly determines when the horizontal sealing machine and the cutter run and when the inkjet printer operates. The machine is controlled by a programmable logic controller and equipped with two servo systems to operate the membrane driver and the rotary clamp

after leaving the machine, the bag falls into an inclined scraper elevator. The elevator sends them to the rotary table, and then manually loads them into the box on the rotary table

flexible equipment replacement

in view of Ames' extensive product lines and packaging types, flexibility is crucial. To achieve this, the packaging machine is equipped with wheels for easy removal and instead of the canning system, which is also compatible with the Ishida weighing system. In fact, during the PD interview, the plant conducted an equipment conversion, which took about 15 minutes to replace the equipment to fill the half gallon pet tank. In this operation, the formost packaging machine is moved out of its original position through the runner, and a plastic rotating star wheel and a feeding and discharging conveyor are moved in. At the same time, a discharge chute is also installed to load the products unloaded from the weighing system into the cans. The starwheel has 8 cavities and can handle large square tanks

workers manually put the cans produced by premierplastics into the feed conveyor, and these cans have been pre labeled in other departments of the factory. Before the cans reach the starwheel, the videojet37e inkjet printer prints the date code on them. A gate at the feeding port of the starwheel stops the can until the sensor determines that the stop position of the starwheel can feed the can into the cavity, and then the gate is opened

at the same time, the product is injected into another can that is staying under the discharge chute. The filled cans are sent to the conveyor, and a worker manually installs the 110/400 lid provided by innovativemolding. For aesthetic reasons, these covers have deep outer edges. They are stacked in cardboard boxes. This kind of packaging can contain 50% more covers than ordinary packaging

then the tank passes under the induction sealing machine produced by enerconindustries, and then passes through the metal detector produced by s+smallsuchger 妕 eundrecyclingtechnikgmbh. A worker checks the weight manually by spot check. If there is any error in the weight, it shall be adjusted manually. Of course, the weighing system is very accurate and there is basically no error. Cans are packed into cartons by hand

the "Xiaokang brand" product tour of Shandong Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. at present, the domestic vacuum packaging machine industry can be described as "Heroes everywhere rise in all directions", which is particularly prominent in the frequent food machinery exhibitions. However, it is not so easy to find a "true hero" in the midst of all the bragging. Recently, I came to Shandong Zhucheng, where domestic vacuum packaging machine manufacturers are concentrated, to investigate the current situation of the industry, and interviewed several "true heroes" of the industry. Among them, Taiwan owned Shandong Zhucheng Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. is the most typical

I learned that being a hero, Xiaokang also has several special features. One is the only Taiwanese sole proprietorship enterprise in the domestic vacuum packaging machine industry; The other is that its products are mainly designed and manufactured to replace imported packaging machines; If these two highlights are not enough to prove the unique strength of the company, then its third highlight - "national standard drafting unit of vacuum packaging machinery industry", which is awarded by China Association for standardization and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, can objectively determine the authoritative position of the company in the industry and most convince its peers

this is indeed the case. When visiting other local vacuum packaging machine enterprises, they all expressed admiration and envy when talking about Xiaokang. In addition, Xiaokang itself has not lived up to the expectations of the public. Its dz-400/2s, dz-500/2s, dz-600/2s, dz-800/2s full-automatic vacuum packaging machines, body fitted packaging machines, cooling meat packaging machines, box vacuum packaging machines, rolling vacuum packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, molding packaging machines, powder special packaging machines and other products have been sold throughout the country and to Southeast Asia; Entrusted by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, he drafted and prepared the "new national standard for vacuum packaging machines", which won the third prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; Xiaokang brand series vacuum packaging machine won the "famous trademark" of Shandong Province, and was also rated as the first in the vacuum packaging machine industry by China Meat Association in 2005

sunxuejun, general manager of the company, introduced that the "inborn" conditions for enterprises to improve performance are superior, which cannot determine that enterprises will always be ahead of schedule. Only by making good use of this condition and taking it as the driving force of enterprise development, can this condition have its value. Facts have proved that well-off people have achieved this. The company has not forgotten to develop new varieties after producing various vacuum packaging machines and obtaining a very considerable market share. One example is the full-automatic stretch continuous vacuum packaging machine, which rewrites the history of all imports in the past. According to sunxuejun, in order to better adapt to the packaging of various foods, especially meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat and other foods closely related to consumers' daily life, they have targeted a foreign equipment with high automation and packaging efficiency for development. All the successfully developed equipment are imported electrical appliances, and the Japanese intelligent control system is the world's fastest-growing product system, Mitsubishi variable-frequency running speed, and the German original vacuum pump is the main body of the equipment. It has been proved by nearly 100 users that the equipment has reached the international advanced level. At present, the domestic market share has reached more than 90%, which is completely comparable to the imported equipment

the development experience of the enterprise makes sunxuejun realize that without cutting-edge technology, the products will not be competitive and the enterprise will not have lasting vitality. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, he took improving the scientific and technological content of products as the primary goal, and worked hard to build his own corporate brand. In order to understand the production principle of some packaging machinery, he could spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy real objects for technicians to repeatedly disassemble and experiment. He sends people to attend all food packaging exhibitions and technical fairs held in China in order to expand the market and broaden his horizons. It is this enterprising spirit and scientific method that make Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. always in the leading position in the vacuum packaging machine industry. Sunxuejun himself also won the title of model worker in Shandong Province and the National May Day Labor Medal, and became a member of the local CPPCC

with the increasing competition of packaging machinery, the manufacturing standard of vacuum packaging machines that only pursue refinement has become single. In the direction of Technological Development

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