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Characteristics and development status of fluoro coatings for metal packaging (I)

fluoro coatings have been more and more widely used in the field of metal packaging all over the world. The appearance of the mini car has gone through several evolution stages, including packing, container barrel, convenient barrel, metal can, etc., and its use has been extended to the whole industry of metal packaging. However, in China, the metal packaging products with fluorine coating are still very limited, which are mainly used for the internal coating of steel barrels. At present, most of the internal coating of steel barrels have not used fluorine coating. Therefore, fluoro coatings have a bright future in the field of metal packaging in China

excellent characteristics of metal packaging fluoro coatings

in fluoropolymers, firstly, fluorine atoms replace hydrogen atoms and surround the carbon chain to form a tight protective layer, so that the carbon chain is not easy to be invaded by the outside world, and the molecular chain is hard and spiral in the whole process of use; Secondly, there are a large number of C-F (460kj/MOI) bonds with high bond energy in the molecules, which are the main reasons for the thermal stability and chemical inertness of fluoropolymers

in addition, since the energy of visible light and ultraviolet light in the solar energy can not destroy the F-C covalent bond, the polymer will not absorb the visible light and ultraviolet light, and almost all of them will pass through the fluoropolymer film, resulting in excellent weather resistance of the film (when selecting pigments and fillers, select the ones with super weather resistance, otherwise, the weather resistance of the whole fluoropolymer film will be affected due to the factors of the pigments and fillers themselves). Due to the excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance and super weather resistance of fluoropolymers, the development and application of fluoropolymers, such as the carbon fiber reinforced PA series developed by Jinmin new materials, have attracted more and more attention. Fluoropolymers have been developed for decades in the world and even in China. However, the high crystallinity and difficult solubility of early developed fluoropolymers limit their practical application

classification and application of fluoro coatings for metal packaging

fluoro coatings are divided into powder coatings and liquid coatings (suspension, emulsion dispersed phase, solvent solution). However, according to the application situation in China, fluorocarbon coatings are divided into high-temperature curing fluorocarbon coatings and normal temperature curing fluorocarbon coatings

2.1 high temperature curing one carbon coating

high temperature curing fluorocarbon coating needs to go through the process of high temperature baking, dissolution and hardening. Such coatings include polytetrafluoroethylene coating (PTFE), polytetrafluoroethylene coating (P), and polyvinylidene fluoride coating (PVDF)

optfe is mainly used for non sealing and related buttons): in the design, the action direction, resistance, speed, safety and other factors of the machine should be considered, such as the painting of metal packaging with low sanitary requirements, such as containers, food ton containers, etc. Opvf is resistant to various oils, acid, alkali, salt and pesticides, and is commonly used for coating the inner wall of steel drums and small packaging containers. Such as the inner wall of bulk oil, food and pesticide packaging containers

● PVDF has super weather resistance, and its application in the field of large transportation packaging has the following advantages:

① the coating will not fade after long-term use; ② Excellent corrosion resistance: ③ good toughness: ④ excellent chalking resistance and stain resistance. 2.2 room temperature cured one carbon coating

room temperature cured fluorocarbon coating is a fluoroethylene vinyl ether (ester) copolymer (FEVE) coating. Due to the introduction of -ci, -oh, -cooh and other active groups, the wax is not only easily soluble in solvents and can be cured at room temperature, but also has improved the wettability with pigments and fillers, so that its application has been widely promoted

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