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Avaya won the 2014 Asia Pacific video collaboration growth excellence Leadership Award

award, focusing on two levels of strategy and execution

the key factor to promote customers' successful deployment of video solutions is the ability of enterprises in foresight, talent, process and strategy

ctiforum news on October 21 (Li Wenjie): Avaya, a global supplier of enterprise communication and collaboration systems, software and services, announced that, The company won the 2014 Asia Pacific video collaboration growth excellence Leadership Award from frost Sullivan

frost Sullivan growth Excellence Award recognizes enterprises that have made outstanding performance in two aspects: one is growth strategy, the other is the implementation of strategy and the continuous growth in sales, revenue and profit. After the scandal of tampering with product data broke out by Mitsubishi Integrated Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mitsubishi materials), a Japanese non-ferrous metal giant, which won the award, Avaya fully reflected its continuous growth leadership in both the long-term and short-term, and the company's commendable performance in forward-looking, talent, process and strategy development

mobile, byod and cloud applications are driving the technology procurement of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. Avaya is committed to launching mobile video collaboration solutions to help enterprises strengthen cooperation between teams, improve work efficiency, save costs, and create new revenue growth for enterprises. Customers using Avaya scopia video collaboration solution include bawaslu, who is responsible for supervising national elections in Indonesia recently, true IDC, a major IDC supplier in Thailand, and many financial institutions, catering venues, government agencies and medical service institutions in the Asia Pacific region

enterprises, regardless of their size, pay more and more attention to the application of video, because video technology can not only integrate different teams and strengthen the collaboration between employees, but also provide rich collaboration experience, improve the efficiency of meetings, and ultimately bring better business performance. Avaya solution supports various devices (including telepresence suite in the conference room, desktop computers, smart and tablet computers, etc.), provides a simple user interface, one click or touch access mode, and supports real-time sharing of audio, video, data and instant messages. Users can enjoy the same interactive experience regardless of the size of shore hardness represented by the size of L value, where the larger the L value is, what equipment is used, and what network bandwidth is used. This technology is a major innovative application of several products. Avaya video teller machine (Avaya VTM) solution has been adopted by many urban commercial banks in China to accelerate their market expansion and improve customer service

one of the powerful evidences that video improves the working mode of enterprises is the deployment of this technology within Avaya company. Avaya launches about 40000 video conferences on average every month, with more than 300000 participants. Avaya's employees can get the same quality video function in the office, home, airport, taxi or the customer's company, which greatly accelerates the company's decision-making speed and saves money and time. In addition, the reduction of travel has also reduced the impact on the environment. In less than two years, Avaya's travel mileage has been reduced by 44%, and its total carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 46% (about 8768 metric tons) in the same period. The reduced mileage is equivalent to 1777 times around the earth, which also means that we have saved millions of dollars


in 2013, Avaya continued to maintain its strong momentum in solution innovation and market promotion in important countries in the Asia Pacific region. Avaya solution integrates unified communication and video, and has a unique value proposition for new and old customers. Using its extensive channels, AV is well known that Aya has developed and implemented appropriate sales and marketing strategies in the Asia Pacific region, which has effectively promoted the promotion of flagship solution scopia and its sales in medium-sized enterprises and SMB markets. Avaya's revenue in the video collaboration market increased by 20% in 2013, far exceeding the market average. Avaya's market share has also increased, and its market penetration in key areas such as banking, education and government has also increased

-jessie Yu, industry manager of unified communication and collaboration in ICT industry in Asia Pacific region of frost Sullivan company

as far as the Asia Pacific region is concerned, the video collaboration market still maintained rapid development in 2014. Customers always tell us that they like Avaya's solution very much because our solution is very effective. Science and technology should not only meet the needs of enterprises, but also be convenient to use, so as to better create value for enterprises and institutions. Avaya video collaboration solution can not only bring better communication and collaboration to enterprises of different sizes, but also help them accelerate the achievement of business results

- Mike Muller, President of Avaya Asia Pacific region

with Avaya scopia, we can achieve higher quality services with less bandwidth. In addition, we can also support intelligent users. This left a deep impression on our customers and our employees

- nakapol nipasant, marketing and sales manager of true IDC

as an organization supported by public funds, we pay great attention to reducing operating costs. Scopia helps us reduce the cost of video communication and improve the overall utilization of video

- Mr m idham, head of IT network security in bawaslu

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