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Awesome rail transit PIS system, the "core" of industrial control in North China, is developing at a phenomenal speed and has a soaring trend in all parts of the country. Probably speaking of urban rail transit, it is estimated that many people will be confused. But I would like to say that many people's melancholy eyes burst out in the subway, light rail, tram, etc. Presumably, many people should have taken rail transit, and must have deeply experienced its advantages! The advantages of large traffic volume, fast speed, safety, punctuality, environmental protection, energy conservation and land use are unmatched by other urban transportation forms. This is also the reason why cities all over the world rush forward and spare no effort to build rail transit

now all countries in the world know that the sharp weapon to break the urban transportation dilemma lies in giving priority to the development of urban public transportation system with rail transit as the backbone. This indicates infinite opportunities for the future crisscross of rail transit throughout the country. Of course, the operation of rail transit also needs the protection of various high-tech, otherwise the amazing rail transit will be helpless and become a trapped beast in a cage. Of course, new technologies related to the operation and management of rail transit, large and small, are very difficult. The following is a very important technology, which is the rail transit PIS system. It is significant for the normal and safe operation of rail transit. It can draw any combination of curves and analyze and process data. It is respected

what kind of system technology is the rail transit PIS system? PIS system is the passenger information system. Passenger information system is a system that relies on multimedia network technology, takes computer system as the core, and takes stations and on-board display terminals as the media to provide information services to passengers, so that passengers can take rail transit safely and conveniently through correct service information guidance. With the continuous extension of technology, PIS system should not only realize the communication between operation center and station, station and station, but also complete the real-time communication between train and ground. These all need the support of intelligent control hardware. Including various control computers, servers, digital signage machines, etc. for stations and vehicles, as well as the control host of the operation center, all need the help of control hardware such as control computers and mainboards. It is not difficult to imagine that rail transit needs to complete the real-time and stable transmission of various information signals in a high-speed operation environment, and must provide high-quality information services for passengers, without poor image quality. At the same time, the operation center, stations and trains have to carry out real-time and massive data transmission and processing, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the computer and motherboard and other control hardware required by the whole PIS system. Therefore, it is very important to choose industrial embedded computer and motherboard hardware to support PIS system

for industrial embedded computers or mainboards and other control hardware, you can choose the outstanding brand in North China industrial control industry. North China industrial control, a dedicated and persistent person in the industrial computer industry, with more than 20 years of industry experience, has cast the iron army quality of North China industrial control. At the R & D end, a competent R & D team is at the helm; At the production end, there is a leading process production line to escort; At the quality control end, it is guaranteed by the internationally advanced quality management system. These are the guarantee of the consistent quality of industrial control in North China

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nowadays, with the continuous maturity of ARM technology and hardware, many products have chosen arm architecture embedded computer hardware as the support on the premise of meeting the performance. This is because arm has the following absolute advantages: 1 Small size; 2. Low power consumption; 3. High performance; 4. Low cost. Of course, in the selection of arm chips, North China industrial control always pursues the quality theory. In the selection of these processors, they are the peak brands in Freescale, NXP and other industries

the future of rail transit has great potential, such as the rising sun. Nowadays, many cities have begun to build large-scale urban rail transit. Even if some people have not yet started to move, they have already made a draft, only due to the east wind. Looking at this gratifying situation, North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. takes advantage of the trend and Seiko casts high-quality products. We are willing to awesome rail transit PIS system, which is the core of professionalism and dedication, so that rail transit can enter our every day

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