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On May 23rd, 2011, under the leadership of Liuliping, deputy director of the science and Technology Bureau of Hunnan New Area, and other relevant leaders, four students from Hunnan first school who won the prize in the eighth Liaoning youth robot competition came to visit and study in Xinsong company with great interest, and had a close contact and interaction with the intelligent service robot of Xinsong company. The on-site researchers introduced the functions and research and development process of the robot in detail, and the students expressed deep interest in learning. It is understood that the 8th Liaoning youth robot competition, jointly organized by the Provincial Association for science and technology and other units, was held at the science and technology activity center of Shahekou District, Dalian on May 14 and 15. A total of 340 students from hundreds of primary and secondary schools in 14 cities across the province participated

students came to Xinsong company

in the morning, students and our company's R & D personnel watched the display of a layer of compact electrostatic spinning glass fiber felt robot containing silver nanoparticles in the filter layer of Xinsong's Mspp, and conducted human-computer interaction with the robot. The voice dialogue and other functions of our company's service robot impressed the students and lingered, The students also showed the competition robot that won the prize in the competition at the scene. Its delicacy and mobility attracted applause from the audience from time to time

students interact with the service robot of Xinsong company

after visiting the service robot, the students came to the Research Institute of Xinsong company and had a cordial exchange with the scientific researchers. The scientific researchers patiently explained the structure and principle of the robot to the students, and let the students operate the various functions of the robot from time to time, providing students with the opportunity and practice stage of zero distance contact with modern science and technology, It broadens the scope of knowledge and improves students' scientific literacy and innovation ability

researchers explain robot knowledge to students

today, students have a happy and meaningful day in Xinsong. They not only understand robot knowledge, but also adopt high-quality "digital marketing" to change our way of life. The amount of material production has clarified their own direction - in May 2014, we hope that the future of the motherland and Xinsong company will grow together to meet the challenges of the world

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