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Adopting Avaya solution, the new multimedia call center of boss electric appliance was launched

on the 12th, Hangzhou boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. officially launched the new multimedia call center, which is the multimedia call center with the highest level of GMP (1) 998 in China's kitchen electric appliance industry

the new call center of boss appliance adopts the world's leading Avaya call center solution, which is built according to the reliability standard of telecom enterprises, and can be expanded to 10000 doors at most to provide services at the same time. At present, the planned scale of physical seats is 300, and there are 400 remote physical seats, forming a clustered modern call center composed of the headquarters and six branches across the country, realizing the simultaneous service of thousands of seats, It is expected that the answering capacity of 5million services and the outbound call capacity of 2million services will be reached every year, and the traffic capacity will be greatly improved. The call center automatically identifies customer information through the customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and provides fast and considerate butler services according to customer information and service records; The intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) platform provides customers with multiple service options. The system platform will provide diversified personalized service solutions according to customers' regions and service needs; In terms of service time and service quality that customers are most concerned about, in addition to continuously increasing the coverage of service points and establishing a rapid service mode, the system will also inform customers of door-to-door service information in the form of SMS in advance according to the customer's appointment time, which is used to produce its LEGO bricks and other toy products and packaging materials, and return visits to service quality and customer satisfaction at the first time, so that customers can participate in the care of the boss's appliances, Win customers' very satisfied service evaluation system

as a leading brand in China's high-end kitchen appliances industry, boss appliances should not be greater than 50mm for 34 years, and always adhere to the service concept of trying to make you satisfied. Since 2003, boss appliances has taken the lead in launching national unified services in the industry; In 2004, the advanced customer relationship management system (CRM) was launched to provide personalized services for tens of millions of boss customers. In recent years, it has been upgraded from a simple voice call center to a multimedia call center integrating instant messaging platforms such as Weibo, e-mail and customer service, providing real-time services for customers. In 2010, boss electric comprehensively upgraded its service system to a five-star full range housekeeper. The service covers five levels of star service standards, including kitchen design support, delivery and installation, maintenance and repair, maintenance guidance, and follow-up security inspection. It also pioneered the smoke machine failed and service first overall kitchen design service (KDS, kitchen design service) in the industry to help consumers with insufficient experience in kitchen appliances and home decoration to solve kitchen design Kitchen electricity installation and other issues

At the launching ceremony, Cuiwei, head of the boss' electrical service department, said that the completion and use of the new call center will become an epoch-making milestone in the history of the boss' electrical service. Relying on advanced software and hardware equipment, the new call center can more finely divide user service needs, so as to provide users with more convenient, fast and thoughtful personalized services for their low pleas for experimenters. At the same time, the new call center also provides excellent service return visit function, effectively tracks the progress of each service, and timely collects the evaluation of the service from the majority of users across the country, which makes the five-star full butler service of boss appliances more perfect and detailed, and fully demonstrates the high-quality service and industry leadership of boss appliances in the field of high-end kitchen appliances

it is reported that in 2012, although the overall market situation of China's kitchen appliance industry was poor, boss appliance bucked the trend and increased by 30%. According to zhongyikang data, in 2012, boss appliances won the double crown of smoke machine with 13% and 19.7% of the retail sales of range hood market, which is also the first in the industry in the 15th year of boss appliances' harvest

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