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Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and the Department of finance, in order to do a good job in project construction, ensure investment with projects and promote growth with investment, can stretch, shrink, zigzag, tear, shear, 180 degree stripping The industrial economic construction project for four years of 90 degree peeling experiment was rewarded, and the elastic modulus of its material was not less than 200gp subsidy. The provincial project "large scale production of multi way valves in high-performance hydraulic parts base" undertaken by Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. was awarded with completion subsidies

the "large-scale production of multi-channel valves in high-performance hydraulic parts base" project of Changjiang Hydraulic was completed and put into operation in 2014. The focus of the project is to complete the transformation of the multi-channel valve production line with energy conservation, environmental protection and compound control as the technical platform, and improve the quality and output of high-end hydraulic valves; Increase high-precision testing and testing equipment and improve the design and verification means of research and development. Focusing on high value-added links such as key and important parts and core processes, the project focuses on improving manufacturing capacity, building core manufacturing technology and improving the CNC rate of machine tool equipment. It has repeatedly purchased horizontal/vertical machining centers, CNC honing machines, centerless grinders, CNC lathes and other major equipment, improved the production capacity of the company's high-tech products, and initially built the largest high-performance hydraulic parts research and development base in China

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