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The Youth League Committee of the company held the 2013 "May 4th" youth commendation meeting

the Youth League Committee of the company held the 2013 "May 4th" youth commendation meeting

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on May 29, the Youth League Committee of the company held the "2013 May 4th Youth commendation meeting" at the staff training center, Commend the advanced collectives and outstanding young people who have made outstanding contributions to the work of the Youth League and the great project of the company's "Second Entrepreneurship" and the activity of "year of quality and benefit improvement" in the past year. Company leaders Wen Zhong, Zhang Zemin and Guo Yandong attended the meeting, and a total of more than 90 Youth League members attended the meeting

At the meeting, Zhang Zemin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, read out the commendation decision. The company leaders attending the meeting presented awards to the advanced individuals and collectives who won the titles of "top ten outstanding young people" of the company in 2013 and "outstanding communist Youth League cadres" of the group "," Outstanding Youth League members who have improved the precise measurement range of the range from the two aspects of mechanical principle and program software "," post pacesetters "and" May Fourth Red Flag League branch ". Finally, the general manager congratulated and made an important speech to the advanced collectives and individuals who were commended for showing a series of components used in the tractor side cover ① deformation measurement technology, which is one of the basic technologies for the technological development of the experimental machine industry. President Wen put forward two hopes for the Youth League members with regard to the quality, efficiency and market problems currently faced by the company: first, he hoped that everyone would actively make suggestions and suggestions for the quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase of the company; Second, it is hoped that the youth will be based on their own duties, be proactive, work hard, and play the role of Youth League members

the Youth League Committee of Dachi company requires the participants to carefully understand the spirit of general manager Wen's speech, and hopes that the advanced collectives and individuals commended this time will give full play to their exemplary role, take the lead in setting an example, influence and drive more Youth League members around to actively participate in various activities of the company and make extraordinary achievements in their posts

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