AVIC group will build household intelligent robots

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Lin Zuoming, Secretary of the Party group and general manager of AVIC, said today that according to his judgment, intelligent robots will enter thousands of households and serve people's lives in the near future. AVIC has seen the huge business opportunities contained therein, and the development plan of household intelligent robot has been put into industrial practice after detailed understanding

Lin Zuoming made this statement at the launching ceremony of the construction of Shunyi Park of AVIC industrial foundation Institute and the unveiling ceremony of AVIC composite creep endurance testing machine materials Co., Ltd. and AVIC high tech intelligent measurement and Control Co., Ltd. on the same day. He believes that just as this additional life testing machine is widely used in industries such as factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, scientific research institutions, etc., people did not expect that cars would enter ordinary Chinese families on a large scale 0 years ago, this phenomenon will also occur in the field of household intelligent robot industry. Although Lin Zuoming did not elaborate further due to time, it was enough to arouse infinite reverie

according to the information provided by the conference, the newly established AVIC hi tech intelligent measurement and Control Co., Ltd. has been entrusted with the task of taking the lead in developing intelligent technology in accordance with the 12th Five Year Plan of AVIC and the overall plan for the development of intelligent technology of the basic Institute. Mastering the core technology of intelligent robot, innovating business model, providing guarantee for the development of intelligent industry, and building intelligent robot industry is its core goal

the newly listed AVIC composites Co., Ltd. will rely on the National Defense Key Laboratory of advanced composites and the National Engineering Laboratory of structural carbon fiber composites to carry out high-end technology development of high-performance resin matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix and carbon/carbon composites, promote the engineering application and industrialization of composite materials and technologies in automobile, high-speed railway, cable, bridge and other industries, and thus integrate into the world aviation industry chain, Integrate into the local development economic circle and realize the vision of AVIC Foundation Institute to become a world-class basic technology center of aviation industry

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