Axial clearance of four point contact ball bearing

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Rolling bearings four point contact ball bearings Axial Clearance

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the axial clearance value of general-purpose four point contact ball bearings (d 300mm) with a contact angle of 35o

this standard is applicable to the inspection of finished bearings by bearing manufacturers and the acceptance of finished bearings by subscribers

2 reference standard

gb 272 rolling bearing code method

gb6930 rolling bearing vocabulary

3 definition

the definition of axial clearance specified in this standard is in accordance with article 050803 of gb6930

4 axial clearance value

the axial clearance value of four point contact bearing is specified in the following table. (UM)

5 marking of axial clearance

5.1 marking method

when the four point contact ball bearing is manufactured according to 0 group of axial clearance, the spacing between the upper and lower bearing plates in the bearing code is not adjusted through the longitudinal hydraulic cylinder and the upper screw nut pair to mark the clearance group code. When other groups of axial clearance are used, it is indicated according to the provisions of GB 272

5.2 mark example

qj 214: it indicates that the axial clearance is 0 group of grade 0 tolerance QJ. This process is likely to be extended to a wide range of manufacturing 214 bearings

qj 214/p52: refers to P5 group tolerance qj214 bearing with axial clearance of 2 groups

appendix a

measurement method of axial clearance


the axial clearance of A1 four point contact ball bearing is measured with an axial clearance tester

a2 the measured clearance value under the measured load shall be the axial clearance of the bearing after deducting the increase of axial clearance in table A1

note: ① the values in the table do not include the accuracy error of the instrument used

② when the ferrules are in different ultimate axial positions, one ferrule should be relative to another ferrule and the ball group should be relative to the channel, which is really in the ultimate axis A3. When the clearance value measured by a measurement method different from that specified in this standard is disputed, the instrument measurement value specified in this standard should prevail, for example

attached to the liquid level detection of various tower kettle tanks:

this standard is proposed by the national rolling bearing Standardization Technical Committee

this standard is under the jurisdiction of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery and electronics industry

this standard is drafted by Wafangdian Bearing Factory

the main drafter of this standard is Lin Xiuqing

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