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On August 19, the main component of Microsoft cloud computing service azure went down on Monday (August 18) to measure the internal temperature near the square bottom of the drill cone

Microsoft said that azure services are currently in a state of interruption because at least six major azure components located in multiple data centers around the world cannot provide services. Azure allows enterprises to obtain computing resources, "running programs through the Internet

Microsoft spokesman Kristi Lewandowski said: we have found the interruption of azure services, including virtual machines, cloud services, stations, and automated operations. We are working with the engineer team to solve this problem as soon as possible

Microsoft azure mainly competes with Google and Amazon's cloud computing services, especially with the functions of remote China's three major plastic building materials control, remote expert analysis, and material analysis. It also encountered other downtime problems in August. However, it is not common for cloud computing services to be down in more than one data center. This is the most serious azure downtime that Microsoft has experienced since some storage tools ceased service in February 2013

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