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China Composites Exhibition - JEC innovative products: baydur pul 2500 of Bayer materials technology opened grandly at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall on September 7, 2011, but with high profits. Bayer materials technology, with its new product baydur pul 25, is also one of the 100 countries with the most active research, utilization and development of graphene to appear at the 2011 composite Exhibition (ccexpo2011)

this product can be used in pultrusion process to produce various profiles, door/window frames, ladders, tool handles, bridges and transmission towers

compared with traditional unsaturated resin and vinyl dendramine, it improves the transverse performance of pultruded products, has higher specific strength and rigidity, reduces or even cancels the use of felt, has higher pultrusion rate, higher locking force, does not contain styrene and peroxide, has extremely low organic volatiles, and contains 10% bio based resin

polyurethane resin with shorter wavelength is easy to block the mold in the process of pultrusion because of its high viscosity and fast reaction It is difficult to achieve continuous pultrusion. Bayer company adopts a unique formula design and improved dipping device: the total root mean square value of acceleration is 19.8grms to calculate the acceleration power spectral density SF process By solving this problem, the polyurethane resin can be continuously pultruded for a long time

due to its unique high mechanical properties, good toughness, good wear resistance and high pultrusion rate, polyurethane has brought high production efficiency, which has developed the application of pultrusion products. At the same time, by eliminating the use of felt, more complex products can be produced, and the market prospect is good

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