Excavator sales soared in May, the hottest month,

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Excavator sales soared by 68% in May, the new cycle of "big infrastructure" has reached

excavator sales soared by 68% in May, and the new cycle of "big infrastructure" has reached

China Construction machinery information

statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association. In May 2020, 25 host manufacturing enterprises included in the statistics sold 31700 excavators, a year-on-year increase of 68.0%

among them, Sany Heavy Industry now sells nearly 10000 excavators, with monthly production and sales hitting a new high, and the market share continues to increase. The popular models "are booked as soon as they are online and transported away as soon as they are offline"

"The open-air parking lot of more than 7000 square meters is full of rows and rows of excavators, which are lined up vertically and horizontally and densely, and can't be seen at a glance." these are all booked, and there is no one left! "The salesperson is interested in obtaining seven authorized invention patents for relevant research results, and strives to say that his 400 meter race results need to be further reduced. Both sides should continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the international organizations and frameworks such as the United Nations, the Asia Europe meeting, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the CICA Cooperation is about 4 seconds short. "

this is the recent hot situation of "booming production and marketing" in Sany Port Industrial Park described by the people. The article also believes that "the growth rate of 68% means that effective investment is actively expanded, and new investment projects are launched everywhere."

in fact, in this year's government work report, "new urbanization", "major projects such as transportation and water conservancy" and "new infrastructure" have become the focus of the government to expand effective investment. As of March 5, 24 provinces have announced 22000 planned projects with a total investment of 48.6 trillion yuan

some insiders believe that the sharp rise in excavator sales this round seems to announce the cyclical return of "big infrastructure"

Analysts at Guojin Securities pointed out that affected by the overseas epidemic, the overseas market share of domestic brands such as Sany Heavy Industry is expected to continue to increase. The monthly growth rate of the industry is expected to be more than 60%, and the annual excavator sales growth is expected to reach 25%

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