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Numerical control lathe integrated processing example

according to the parts to be turned shown in the figure below, the material is 45 steel, of which Ф 85 cylindrical surface is not machined. The process to be carried out on the CNC lathe is: cutting Ф 80mm and Ф 62mm outer circle; R70mm cambered surface, conical surface, undercut, thread and chamfer. It is required to analyze the process and route, and compile the processing program

1. Part processing process analysis

(1) set the workpiece coordinate system

according to the principle of datum coincidence, set the origin of the workpiece coordinate system at the intersection of the right end face of the part and the rotation axis, as shown in the figure OP point, and set the coordinate position of the tool change point relative to the origin op of the workpiece coordinate system through G50 command (200100)

(2) select the tool

according to the processing requirements of the part drawing, it is necessary to process the end face, cylindrical surface, conical surface, circular arc surface A total of three cutters are required for chamfering and cutting thread undercut and thread

1 cutter, excircle left offset cutter, cutter model: cl-mtgnr-2020/r/1608 iso30. Install on tool position 1

3 tool, thread turning tool, tool model: tl-lhtr-2020/r/60/1.5 iso30. It is installed on the No. 3 tool position

5 cutter, grooving cutter, cutter model: er-sgtfr-2012/r/3 IS030。 It is installed on tool position 5

(3) machining scheme

use the No. 1 excircle left offset cutter, roughen the end face of the part first, and then finish the outer surface of each section of the part, leaving a finishing allowance of 0.5mm during rough machining; Use No. 5 slotting knife to cut the thread undercut; Then use the No. 3 thread turning tool to machine the thread

(4) determine the cutting amount

cutting depth: the set cutting depth for rough machining is 3mm and that for finish machining is 0.5mm

spindle speed: according to the machinability of 45 steel, the volume viscosity decreases with the increase of shear stress, and the cutting speed is set to 90m/min when machining the end face and the outer surface of each section; When threading, set the spindle speed to 250r/min

feed speed: set the feed speed to 200mm/min during rough machining and 50mm/min during finish machining. When turning threads, set the feed speed to 1.5mm/r

2. Programming and operation

(1) programming

(2) program input into the NC system

directly input the program into the NC system under the MDI mode of the NC lathe, or input the program into the NC system of the NC machine tool through the computer communication interface. Then simulate the cutting process on the CRT screen to verify the correctness of the program

(3) manual tool setting operation

set the workpiece coordinate system through the tool setting operation, and record the tool tip offset value of each tool. The experimental methods are different in running the processing program. We also call them different experimental machines, call the offset number of the tool, and realize the compensation of the tool tip offset value

(4) automatic machining operation

select the automatic operation mode, and then press the cycle start button, the machine tool will automatically process the workpiece according to the prepared processing program

o0001 program code

n005 G50 X200 Z100 establish workpiece coordinate system

n010 G50 S3000 the maximum speed of spindle is limited to 3000r/min

n015 G96 S90 M03 spindle forward rotation, Constant linear speed is set to 90m/min

n020 t0101 M06 select No. 1 excircle left deviation tool and No. 1 tool compensation

n025 M08 coolant on

n030 G00 x86 Z0 tool quick positioning to cutting position

n035 G01 x0 F50 turning end face

n040 G00 Z1 exit 1mm in Z direction

n045 G00 x86 retreat to 86mm in X direction, and prepare for excircle cutting cycle

n050 G71 U3 R1 excircle cutting rough machining cycle, with a cutting depth of 3mm and a tool withdrawal of 1mm

n055 G71 P60 q125 u0.5 w0.5 f200

rough machining cycle of excircle cutting. The starting sequence number is N60, and the ending sequence number is N125. 0.5mm finishing allowance is reserved in X and Z directions respectively, and the cutting speed is 200mm/min

n060 G42 tip radius right compensation, N60 ~ N125 is the circular finishing route of cylindrical cutting

n065 G00 x43.8

n070 G01 x47.8 z-1

n075 z-60

n080 x50

n085 X62 z-120

n090 z-135

n095 x78

n100 X80 z-136

n105 z-155

n115 G01 z-225

n120 x86

n125 G40 cancel tip radius compensation

n130 G70 P60 q125 F50 cylindrical cutting finishing cycle, The cutting speed is 50mm/min

n135 G00 X200 Z100 tool returns to the tool change point

n140 t0505 M06 S50 select No. 5 slotting tool and No. 5 cutter compensation, and the constant linear speed is set to 50m/min

n145 G00 X52 z-60 fast forward to X52 and z-60, Prepare for cutting groove

n150 G01 x45 cutting thread undercut

n155 G04 x2 pause at the bottom of the groove for 2 seconds

n160 G01 X52 X direction back to 52mm

n165 G00 X200 Z100 tool return to the tool change point

n170 t0303 M06 select No. 3 thread lathe towards industry 4.0 - systematic and automatic mold design tool and No. 3 tool compensation

n175 g95 g97 S250 set the cutting speed dimension and set.The constant speed is 250r/min

n180 G00 X50 Z3 fast forward to x=50, z=3, ready to turn threads

n185 G76 p011060 q0.1 R1 thread cutting cycle

n190 G76 x46.38 z-58.5 R0 p1.48 q0.4 f1.5

n200 G00 X200 Z100 t0300 fast back to the tool change point, cancel No. 3 tool compensation

n205 M05 spindle stop

n210 M09 coolant off

n215 M30 program ends


parts as shown in the figure below, including cylindrical turning Thread turning, thread turning should be carried out after the cylindrical finish turning. The parts are processed with bar blank. Because the blank allowance is large, the rough turning command of the outer circle should be used to remove most of the blank allowance before the fine turning of the outer circle, and 0.2mm allowance (one side) should be left after the rough turning. According to the processing requirements of the above parts, cylindrical rough turning tools, cylindrical fine turning tools, grooving tools and thread turning tools are required. Among them, the f 62 cylindrical surface is not machined, and the NC machining program of the part is compiled:

NC turning comprehensive programming


N1 G50 x80.0 z20.0

N2 G30 U0 W0;

N3 T0101 M03 M08;

N4 G00 X70.0 Z10.0;

N5 G71 U1.0 R1.0;

n6 G71 P7 Q15 u0.4 w0.2 f0.3 s800gb/t1449 ⑵ 005 experimental formula for flexural properties of fiber reinforced plastics

N7 G00 X40.0 F0.15;

N8 G42 G01 X30.0 Z0.0;

N9 G01 Z-25.0;

N10 X40.0;

N11 Z-40.0;

N12 G02 X50.0 Z-45.0 R5.0;

N13 G03 X60.0 Z-50.0 R5.0;

N14 Z-55.0;

N15 G40;

N16 G30 U0 W0;

N17 G50 S1500;

N18 G96 S200 T0202;

N19 G70 P7 Q15;

N20 G00 X62.0 Z0;

N21 X32.0

N22 G01 X-2.0;

N23 G30 U0 W0;

N24 T0404;

N25 G00 X41.0 Z-25.0;

N26 G01 X20.0 F0.15;

N27 G00 X50.0;

N28 G30 U0 W0;

N29 G97 S1500 T0303;

N30 G00 X32.0 Z3.0;

N31 G92 X29.0 Z-22.5 F0.15;

N32 X28.2;

N33 G30 U30.0 W20.0 M09 M05;

N34 M30; (end)

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