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The example of CIP STR soft starter remote control circuit

circuit is shown in the figure. When looking at this kind of circuit, you must combine the diagram in Section 6 of Chapter 2 of this book

figure the basic wiring diagram of STR soft starter

figure is composed of four parts: main circuit, control circuit, soft starter control terminal and output signal

in the main circuit, the block marked "STR" is the soft starter, R, s, t are the incoming terminals, and the three-phase power supplies L1, L2, L3 (also referred to as a, B, c) are connected through the circuit breaker (commonly known as the air switch) QF. A voltmeter PV is connected to the power supply to monitor the power supply voltage; U. V and W are the output terminals of the soft starter, which are directly connected with the motor M. TA is current transformer and PA is ammeter, which can monitor the starting and running current of motor. Km is the starter bypass contactor

in the control circuit, the dynamic make contact in the dotted box is the remote start button, and the dynamic break contact is the remote stop button, which is connected in series with the stop button SBP, AR contact and relay KA1 coil. When the start button SBT is pressed, KA1 is pulled in and self-locking, and HLR is off, the other pair of dynamic contact KA1 acts, which is equivalent to pressing the start button "run" (see the "soft starter control terminal" in the figure of this example) on the operation keyboard for soft start work. After time delay, when the m speed approaches (or reaches) the rated speed, the soft start ends, the control contact JC of the bypass contactor acts, KM acts, and the main circuit (thyristor) inside the soft starter is short circuited, Let the power supply pass directly through the KM main contact, which extends the service life of the soft starter. At this time, HLG is on, indicating that it is running

tusip s electronic experimental machine auxiliary tool tr soft starter remote control circuit

if the motor has overcurrent, open phase, locked rotor and other faults, the fault relay ar acts, hly is on, its dynamic breaking contact ar jumps off the power circuit of KA1 coil, its dynamic closing contact returns to the dynamic closing state, the soft starter stops working, the bypass relay JC loses power, its contact JC is released, the power supply of KM coil testing machine detection conditions is cut off, and the main contact km is disconnected, Motor M is powered off

see the table in Section 6 of Chapter II of this book for the purpose of soft start terminal

table STR soft starter terminal symbol description

symbol terminal name Description main circuit R, s, t AC power input terminal is connected to three-phase AC power supply u, V, w through circuit breaker (QF), soft starter output terminal is connected to three-phase asynchronous motor U1, V1, W1 external bypass contactor special terminal, special for B series, A series without this terminal control circuit



run external control start terminal run and com can be short circuited to external start stop external control stop terminal stop and com can be short circuited to external stop jog external control jog terminal jog and com can be short circuited to realize jog NC empty terminal expansion function with com external digital signal common terminal internal power reference point digital


+12v internal power terminal internal output power supply, 12V, 50mA, DCOC starts 3 Add proper cooling medium into the cooling tank to form the OC gate after the terminal is started, (elongation and reduction of area 00Ma are frequently used plasticity indexes of DC 30v/1) Com external digital signal common terminal internal power reference point continued table

symbol terminal name description control circuit



K14 dynamic closing fault output terminal fault k14-k12 closed k11-k12 disconnected

contact capacity ac:10a/250v dc: 10a/30v

K11 dynamic closing K12 public K24 external bypass contactor control terminal

start after completion, k24-k22 is closed, k21-k22 is disconnected

contact Point capacity ac:10a/250v or 5a/380v

k21 dynamic break K22 common

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