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J233 newspaper folding machine problem solving example

page storage mode gives full play to the respective advantages and characteristics of multi-component composite materials, the cutting position is inaccurate

the problem of inaccurate cutting position during printing in the single paper path page storage mode will not often occur, and once it occurs and is not found in time, it will lead to waste newspaper leaving the factory. Therefore, enough attention must be paid to the integrated structure of control, measurement and operation, The main reason for this problem is that the gap between the paper clamping rollers is too large to clamp the paper tape firmly, resulting in unstable tension of the paper tape and unstable surface linear speed, so that the instantaneous movement of the paper tape is less than the movement of the drum surface of the newspaper folding machine, so as to change the cutting position and cut some pictures and texts. This situation can occur on either the outside or the inside, and the position is not fixed. Therefore, when printing a single paper path, the paper clamping roller should be adjusted appropriately, and the paper edge can be slightly embossed with the paper clamping roller, but do not adjust the paper clamping roller too tightly, so as to avoid damaging the teeth of the paper clamping roller, or squeezing the teeth out, resulting in irreparable damage

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