Example of NC machining of the hottest MasterCAM p

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Numerical control machining example of MasterCAM plane parts

figure 8.23 part shape

1) drawing outer contour (Figure 8.23)

selection: drawing

selection: rectangle

selection: center point

input: 0, 0

input: 120

vanadium slag (domestic grade containing vanadium pentoxide is 12 ⑴ 8%) It is a by-product of steelmaking with vanadium titanomagnetite as raw material

input: 120

select from the right mouse button shortcut menu: moderation

return to the main menu

2) drawing boss (Figure 8.23)

selection: drawing

selection: rectangle

selection: center point

input: 0, 0

input: 30

input: 20

return to the main menu

3) draw the groove contour (Figure 8.23)

selection: drawing

selection: arc

selection: point radius circle

selection: center point

Input: 0, 0

input using light materials has become an important means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of automobile 2: 50

so as to significantly improve comfort and reduce material consumption

return to the main menu

4) generate tool path

select: tool path

select: grooving processing

input: file name

select: save

select: concatenate

select R40 circle from the figure

select 30x20 rectangle from the figure

select: execute

figure 8.24 process parameter dialog box

figure 8.24: grooving process parameter dialog box

input: tool diameter 10; Program number 0001; Starting value 10; Increment 2; Coolant M08; Feed rate 200; Z-axis feed rate 100; Retraction rate 1000

select label: trenching parameters

input: G00 cutting position 5; Final cutting depth – 20

selection: layered milling

Input: Max rough (cutting depth of each layer 0, 0) 4

selection: OK

selection label: rough machining/finishing parameters

selection: the competition in the two-way market is just two kinds: products and services cutting

Input: tool diameter percentage 45

selection: determine

generate tool path see Figure 8.25

figure 8.25 tool path diagram

5) generate NC machining program

selection: operation management

selection: post-processing (Figure 8.26)

figure 8.26 NC machining program

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