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Glass is still surging upward in the short term

on July 4, 2013, China's glass composite index was 1083.33 points, up -0.76 points from different test items month on month; China glass price index 1062.46 points, up -0.82 points month on month; China Glass confidence index was 1166.82 points, up -0.53 points month on month. Today, the spot market is generally characterized by regional differentiation, with ups and downs. The lack of market confidence is mainly due to the increase of production capacity and the strict control of real estate policies. At present, the spot price of glass has increased significantly compared with March and April, and a large amount of hoarding cannot be accepted by the circulation channels. Users can only choose to use it for analysis or a small amount of inventory as they go in and out

at the macro level, statistics from Weiye I love my home market research institute show that 15493 land transactions were made in 306 cities across the country from January to June this year, with land transfer fees as high as 1.13 trillion yuan, a sharp increase of 60% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the operating land transfer fees of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in the first half of the year have exceeded 173.9 billion yuan, close to 193.492 billion yuan in 2012. According to the calculation of leading finance and economics, the revenue from land transfer in many places can account for more than 30% of the local public finance revenue (that is, the general budget revenue, excluding the budget revenue of government funds including land transfer fees), and the momentum of "land finance" remains unabated. Although a large part of the land transfer income will be used for land acquisition expenses, and the real land income is not much, the rapid growth of land transfer still makes all circles worry about the way out of local financial transformation

the price of soda ash in Hunan is temporarily stable, with the ex factory price of light soda at yuan/ton and that of heavy soda at yuan/ton, and the market trading is relatively stable. Prices in the surrounding markets rose, but the adjustment efforts in the region were insufficient. The soda ash market in Tianjin is running smoothly. The factory price of local light soda is yuan/ton, the downstream demand is acceptable, and there is no shipping pressure in the light warehouse of enterprises. The quotation of the surrounding market has increased to varying degrees, but the transaction change is limited

from the perspective of fundamentals, some changes have taken place in the market trend in the short term. Some production enterprises have slightly adjusted the market price according to their own conditions, but the overall trend remains unchanged. Affected by the inactive purchase of goods through circulation channels, the market pressure increased slightly. At this time, the East Commonwealth held a meeting to discuss prices and market trends, which had little impact on the national market. Generally speaking, the market is in a stalemate and there will be no excessive price fluctuations. The production enterprises are also unwilling to significantly adjust the price at this time and try to maintain the current price unchanged. Recently, attention has been paid to the impact of pollution control on the cost of glass. Yesterday, the main fg401 closed up slightly, testing the 60 moving average in the session, and the functional characteristics of the short anchor fatigue testing machine still maintained a shock upward view. In terms of operation, multiple orders will continue to be held in the early stage, and positions can be increased appropriately near 1400

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