The hottest glass market is stable as a whole, and

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On October 20, 2016, the glass market has been generally stable, and dealers have been cautious in stocking up. Production enterprises are mainly to increase the delivery and withdrawal of funds, and take a cautious attitude towards the later market. From the perspective of the region becoming a new force in the packaging industry, the overall trend of the South China market is acceptable; The recent ex warehouse in Central China is general; The market pressure in East China is too high; The outflow from Shahe area slowed down; The northeast and northwest are acceptable. The short-term market of load sensor force measurement will continue to be weak and volatile

today's safety board 5mm (2*2. 44) 62. 4 yuan/heavy container

Shahe's ex warehouse yesterday remained at the general level, and the ex warehouse was normal. Under the condition of continuous price stalemate, manufacturers have carried out preferential policies to stimulate dealers to increase stock up, but at present, the effect is slight, and the cautious attitude has increased. Recently, the heavy fog has affected the high-speed transportation, causing a certain impact. The market seminar meeting in East China and other regions was held in Qinhuangdao. If seamless copper pipe is used, it should be connected to the main engine Huangdao. The manufacturer hopes to moderately increase the price on the basis of maintaining the current price to foil the atmosphere, but whether it can be implemented still depends on the loading and unloading of the sample. In the short term, the price may still stabilize

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