The hottest glass market is still rising, and some

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The glass market is still mainly rising, and some production enterprises promote preferential policies

East China: the pressure of processing enterprises comes from the rapid rise in the price of upstream glass chips and the basic inability to transmit to downstream real estate. Therefore, it is still based on the purchase of glass chips on demand, and the price of orders is also based on the current price. The number of glass entering East China in Shahe area has increased slightly, mainly in Shandong, Anhui and other regions. Some manufacturing enterprises in East China have plans to increase their quotations, and the actual implementation depends on market demand

South China: at present, the orders of glass processing enterprises are acceptable, among which the domestic orders for building decoration and decoration increased slightly when they were placed at the highest position for the first time, and the orders for foreign trade exports decreased. The main reason is that the change of production capacity in the later stage has a certain impact on the market confidence of traders and processing enterprises

central China: the delivery of production enterprises is general, except Wuhan, other manufacturers are OK. It is expected that after the military games, 2. Non metallic material testing machines: 1. Generally, high-precision measuring equipment and instruments such as tension machines and tension testers that require less than 1t air force; Will return to normal state

North China: the delivery of production enterprises in Shahe region was poor a few days ago, and traders increased the delivery of their own inventory. After that, traders were more active in replenishing inventory, and transferred to their own inventory increase. The manufacturing enterprises announced that they planned to increase the price of 26 by 20 yuan to boost market confidence. Some manufacturing enterprises in North China and near Northeast China have introduced preferential policies, paying 3million yuan and a preferential margin of 100 yuan, as of the end of this month, to attract traders' funds

Southwest China: the quotation in the early stage increased too much, which made it difficult for processing enterprises to fulfill their orders

Northeast China: with the end of rush orders, the operating rate of processing enterprises decreased slightly

Northwest China: the quotations of some production enterprises have increased, mainly due to the reduction of production lines in the early stage and the increase of market expectations in Shahe region

recently, the soda ash market has maintained a stable operation, and the production of upstream manufacturers has not changed much compared with yesterday. In addition, the vibration caused by the transportation process of enterprises is difficult to avoid, and the inventory is OK. The short-term sales pressure of enterprises has eased, and their downstream users have performed smoothly in signing and shipping on demand. The focus of market transactions is multidimensional and stable operation. Due to the influence of price negotiation volume in individual markets, the short-term wait-and-see mood of light alkali users in many places has increased, there are more purchase negotiations, and the transaction focus is 5 It is mainly caused by mechanical clearance and other reasons in order to avoid this kind of state; Heavy soda ash users just need to be stable, and the market is stable

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