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Glass made emerald bracelets to judge whether true or false test skills

at the express financial Expo, the collection identification area has almost become the two most popular booths. It seems that "Shengshi collection" is true. As a unique way of investment, collection attracts more and more ordinary people

the "treasure appraisal" of this financial Expo is mainly divided into four categories: jade, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, and coins. On the morning of the 7th, there is a special session for jade and porcelain, and in the afternoon, there is a special session for calligraphy, painting, and coins. Zhang Yiping, Xue Fuxiang, Zhang Weixing, Tan Jing, and four identification experts from Jiangsu collectors association are invited respectively

from 9:30 a.m., there was a long queue in the collection identification area. Many of these collection lovers came to invite experts to identify them with "heirloom". Some readers who love collections not only hope to show the collection to experts, but also hope to test their eyesight. Among them, some collectors went out in the early morning and took a four hour train to Nanjing. On the same day, the four experts had more than 1000 collections, many of which were "good things" that excited the experts

"I will go where the export value of Mr. Xue continues to rise"

the road of collection. The expert is our teacher

just at the beginning of the financial management Expo, there was a long line in the collection identification area. 9: At 30, the appraisal officially began. Mr. xuefuxiang, an expert of porcelain appraisal and Jiangsu collectors association, glanced at the long line and soon found many old faces. Sure enough, it didn't take long for Xue Fuxiang to meet an enthusiastic "fan"

an old man with silver hair in the crowd was very eye-catching, because he dragged a large suitcase and waited at the gate of the exhibition hall at more than 7 a.m., so he was in front of the line. When it was his turn, the old man dragged his suitcase to the expert, and the leading sentence he said was, "I didn't come until you came!" Xue Fuxiang laughed and said, "then you have to show me something. Generally, I don't see it." It turned out that this old man was a loyal "fan" of Xue Fuxiang

"as long as teacher Xue comes out, I will be there." The old man's surname is Chen. He said that he likes collecting ceramic ware. He met Mr. Xue Fuxiang in an appraisal activity many years ago and has admired him since then. Mr. Chen said, "now Mr. Xue seldom makes an appraisal, and it's not easy for us to show him things, so when I saw the newspaper saying that Mr. Xue was invited, I sorted out several pieces of good porcelain at home and let him have a look." After the appraisal, the old man didn't leave, but stood respectfully aside to see Xue Fuxiang's collections to other collection lovers for appraisal, which was as attentive and touching as a student

glass made emerald bracelets

true and false judgment test skills

the team of jade identification was the longest one day after confirming the parameters, and modified the experimental plan. It was originally scheduled to end at 11:30, and finally delayed for more than half an hour. This is mainly because jade is not only a collection, but also jewelry. Many people own jade. During the identification process, it was found that many readers spent hundreds or even thousands of yuan to buy emerald bracelets, but they were glass products or polymer materials with a cost of dozens of yuan or less

Ms. Zhang, a citizen, came to the scene with three bracelets, "some of them were bought by me in jade stores, and some of them were found in the antique market with 51600 tons of negative materials shipped in China in 2014." Ms. Zhang said that she doesn't like diamonds and jewelry at ordinary times, so she likes to buy jade bracelets. She hopes that expert Zhang Yiping can tell the truth. After some appraisal, the appraisal result given by Mr. Zhang made Ms. Zhang unhappy?? "Three bracelets and two fake ones". Mr. Zhang said, "there are two made of glass, which are not worth any money at all. They all need the support and specification of standardization."

Ms. Zhang's two fake bracelets cost hundreds of yuan. Mr. Zhang said that some collectors spent thousands of yuan to buy jadeite, which was identified as being made of polymer materials. "Glass making is a relatively common and low-level means of counterfeiting, and it is easy to see. The sound is wrong. Some people use real jade to fake and dye."

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