The hottest glass market rose first and then fell.

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The glass market rose first and then fell: the price of soda ash fell, and the demand was poor

the domestic float glass market price rose and fell this month, and the overall transaction situation was general

the North China market rose first and then fell this month. The transaction situation is general, and the overall market demand is acceptable. In the middle and early ten days, the goods were delivered quickly, and the inventory was reduced significantly. The factory warehouse in Shahe area was reduced to 4.24 million weight boxes. Since late last ten days, the demand has been weak, the pressure of goods delivery has increased, traders are cautious in taking goods, the prices of some thickness have been reduced, and the inventory pressure has increased

in the East China market, prices rose and fell during the month, transactions were general, and the overall performance of market demand was flat. Affected by external sources of goods, prices of individual enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets rose slightly, and most factories had a strong intention to promote stability by rising. Individual enterprises want to raise prices, but the actual implementation is general, and some enterprises' inventory digestion is slow; In late August, the market trading turned slightly lighter, the price adjustment intention of enterprises was general, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong

the shipment in Central China market is relatively smooth, the overall inventory of enterprises has fallen to the normal low level, coupled with the hot repair of some production lines, there is little pressure on market production and sales. Enterprises have raised prices for many times during the month and have advantages in price export. The price in central China is relatively low, and export sales can maintain advantages. However, in the atmosphere of unstable peripheral prices and cautious market expectations, it is difficult to push up the market

the volume promotion policy of South China glass manufacturers is relatively flexible, the actual transaction focus of the market continues to move downward, the return flow of low-cost products in Malaysia depresses the price of South China glass, the drainage of Xinyi white glass line and the support of low prices at the end of the month, the enthusiasm of middle and downstream customers is high, and the production and sales are good. The manufacturers further stimulate shipments by raising prices slightly, while the shipments of other manufacturers slow down slightly, and the actual transaction policy remains flexible

the quoted price of Southwest enterprises fell first and then stabilized, but the actual transaction in the market kept falling secretly and continued to fall. Chengdu Southern Glass turned from ordinary white to ultra white, which eased the pressure on the production capacity of white glass to a certain extent. On the whole, the local production capacity base is still large, and it is difficult to change the weak market pattern in the short term

this month, the northwest float glass market is weak, the transaction is general, the manufacturer's inventory is high, and the overall production capacity is reduced, but the output of Shaanxi white glass will rise, the overall supply pressure in the northwest region is still large, and some factories continue to maintain the production limit state

the overall operation of the Northeast glass market this month is OK, the local demand has been set, and the control parameters have been restored, but the rigid demand is still general, the social winter storage source continues to digest, and the southbound and export are relatively smooth. In the middle of the year, Yingkou Xinyi color glass was changed to produce white glass. The output of white glass increased, the price fell slightly, and the increase in demand was general, waiting for further recovery of demand

the price of soda ash fell, and the demand was poor.

the domestic light soda market continued to decline in May, and the pressure on manufacturers to ship remained unabated. The number of maintenance manufacturers decreased this month, and the supply of goods was sufficient. However, the downstream demand of light alkali is weak, and the plastic suppliers of the manufacturer Midea are more diversified, which is generally bearish. Downstream users are not enthusiastic about taking goods. Under the pressure of receiving orders, the prices of light alkali manufacturers have been significantly reduced, and the prices of light alkali in central and Eastern China have been reduced by yuan/ton. The price of light alkali in Southwest China fell slightly, and the local quotation was mainly stable. However, it is mainly flexible to receive orders and ship goods. Affected by the impact of low-cost goods from other ports on the market, the price of light soda in Northeast and South China was reduced by yuan/ton this month, and the price of light soda from some manufacturers in Northwest China was reduced by 100 yuan/ton to coordinate the performance, safety, aesthetics and value of vehicles. The mainstream transaction price of domestic light alkali this month is yuan/ton. The heavy alkali market rose slightly, and the heavy alkali inventory of soda ash manufacturers was not high. In early May, the quotation of heavy soda from soda ash manufacturers increased by yuan/ton, but the price of light soda continued to decline, the price difference between light and heavy soda widened, and some soda ash manufacturers increased the output of heavy soda. The downstream profitability is poor, and the resistance to high price heavy caustic soda is obvious. At the end of the month, the price of heavy caustic soda of some manufacturers fell slightly, and the mainstream price of domestic heavy caustic soda delivered to the terminal this month is yuan/ton

outlook for the future

glass: the domestic float glass market operation in May was generally in line with expectations, with market ups and downs, and regional differences were relatively obvious. The market in the middle and early ten days of the year was in line with the concept of green environmental protection, and the performance was improved. The operating rate of deep-processing enterprises reached 70%-75%. The enthusiasm for taking goods was OK. In the late ten days, the demand began to weaken, the order volume was insufficient, the enthusiasm for taking goods was not high, and most of them were purchased with use, and the overall market expectation was weak

soda ash: the price of soda ash continued to decline this month, and it was generally bearish in the future. The operating load of soda ash manufacturers was stable, the supply of goods was sufficient, and the inventory remained high. The downstream market was depressed, and the market support was weak. The industry remained pessimistic about the future. The price of light alkali fell rapidly. Supported by costs, the price of light alkali has limited room to continue to decline. The downward pressure on the heavy alkali market is large, and the domestic soda ash market may continue to decline in the short term

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