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Glass manufacturers also cross-border education. Xiuqiang glass plans to acquire a preschool education institution. On November 26, Jiangsu xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to acquire 100% equity of a domestic education target company, with a valuation of about 200million yuan, which is paid in cash. The announcement shows that the target company of this acquisition is mainly engaged in the investment and operation of preschool education institutions and the related extended business, and the due diligence of the target company will be carried out in the near future

Jiangsu xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is one of the largest processed glass manufacturers in China. The company was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 13, 2011. It mainly produces nearly 1000 varieties of six series: touch screen cover glass, thin film battery (TCO) glass, photovoltaic coated glass (AR), ITO glass, home appliance color crystal glass, home glass and so on. The audit report in May showed that xiuqiang glass's revenue was 4 until it reached the limit on the right hand side of the instrument. 6.4 billion yuan, with a net profit of 4215. 850000 yuan

since last year, A-share companies have frequently launched education projects. In September last year, Hejing technology announced that it planned to acquire Beijing Huanyu wanwei Technology Co., Ltd. (smart tree) 17 for 15million yuan. 65% of the shares can be completed in sequence after being set for the first time; After entering the preschool education market, it made two capital increases

in February this year, Weichuang Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to pay 5. 200million yuan received 100% equity of Hongying education, a kindergarten chain brand, and announced in September this year that it plans to purchase 100% equity of Beijing golden cradle Education Technology Co., Ltd. by paying cash and signing a loan agreement, with a transaction consideration of 8. 5.7 billion yuan

in April this year, Tuowei information 7. 23.8 billion yuan acquisition of Long March education, a kindergarten solution provider

in June this year, dragon announced its wholly-owned acquisition of Chisheng technology

at the beginning of September this year, the ceramic industry Cultural Great Wall disclosed the reorganization draft, which is planned to be 20. Issue 3391 at the price of 64 yuan/share. 470000 shares, while paying 300 million yuan in cash, with a total price of 1 billion yuan to acquire 100% equity of crystal ball education. Although the acquisition finally died, the great wall of culture did not give up its layout in the field of education, and finally turned to Huike education, which plans to invest 25million yuan

at the end of October, Fengdong shares announced that it planned to acquire 100% equity of cloud era (i.e. magic square) by cash and issuing shares

it can be seen that in the process of distributing education in the past two years, A-share companies are also slightly changing their thinking. From the initial acquisition of traditional educational institutions to the acquisition and investment of educational concept companies

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