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National polypropylene market analysis

National polypropylene market analysis: this week, the national polypropylene market remained stable, and granular materials were better than powder materials

one week enterprise production dynamics: the five largest granular material enterprises in China, Tianjin United, Dalian West Pacific, Luoyang Petrochemical, Jinan Petrochemical 4, nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ Radiographic flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.) Wuhan Phoenix continues to shut down for maintenance. Yanbian refinery, a powder enterprise, began to shut down for maintenance. Dalian Petrochemical powder plant has started production. Hubei Xinghua started production late this month. Qingdao Petrochemical Plant and Jiangxi Ganbei chemical plant are still suspended for a long time. Guangzhou Petrochemical and Maoming Petrochemical do not produce drawing grade PP this month

one week enterprise price quotation: Ten polypropylene production enterprises across the country adjusted their ex factory prices this week, including three pellet Zhongyuan Petrochemical, Jiujiang Petrochemical and Dushanzi Refinery, which increased the ex factory price of drawing grade PP by 50 yuan/ton. The market price of granular materials has stabilized in an all-round way this week and is rebounding. Powder enterprises Anqing Petrochemical and Mudanjiang refinery raised the ex factory price by yuan/ton, while Hubei Zhongtian, Zhenhai Refining and chemical, Jinzhou Petrochemical and other three enterprises reduced the ex factory price by an average of 100 yuan/ton, but after the reduction, the ex factory price is still at a high price among surrounding production enterprises. It can be seen that the market price is moving towards regional synchronous balance. At present, the average ex factory price of pellet wire drawing grade of polypropylene production enterprises in China is 6460 yuan/ton, the batch preferential price outside the province is 6390 yuan/ton, and the average ex factory price of powder production enterprises is 6155 yuan/ton, and the average preferential price is 6095 yuan/ton. The overall price of polypropylene production enterprises across the country remained at the level of last week. However, it is gratifying that the market is steadily and gradually rebounding from south to north

one week's enterprise inventory: this week, the inventory of polypropylene production enterprises nationwide decreased significantly, especially the inventory of granular drawing T30S and F401 was almost sold out. The sales of powder enterprises in Jiangsu, represented by Jinling Petrochemical, were better this week than last week, and the inventory was almost zero. Daqing Huake has a high inventory of powder, which is due to its remote location and high price. Joint stock enterprises avoid the trough and rebound to sell, so as to win more profits. In terms of the overall national market, the actual demand is large, and the supply of products exceeds the demand

a week's national market analysis: after nearly a month of consolidation, the national polypropylene market has come out of the trough. Affected by the pressure of the original low price of granular materials, the powder is being adjusted to maintain a balance with the surrounding prices, so as to consolidate the original strong foundation. At present, the popularity of the national polypropylene market is rising day by day, and the demand is increasing. The good influence of the Guangdong market has led the polypropylene market in North China and East China to become stronger and stronger day by day. On the whole, there are three favorable conditions for the national Polypropylene Market: first, the prices in all regions of the national polypropylene market are basically the same and balanced, which will be conducive to rebound. Moreover, the Guangdong market is optimistic, the Northeast market is stable, and the stability of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets is gathering and increasing support for the market as a whole; Second, due to the large number of downtime and relatively centralized maintenance of production enterprises, coupled with the production of special materials by most enterprises, the overall supply of wire drawing materials has become tighter, which will be conducive to the start of the market. Once the idea of middlemen changes, confidence will be doubled and the market will be quickly seized; Third, the adjustment of the sales policies of Sinopec and PetroChina will shift to steady marketing, coordination and synchronization, and benign competition, which will be conducive to market stability, which is the premise and foundation of market rebound. At present, the national polypropylene industry, production enterprises, circulation enterprises and post-processing enterprises should eliminate two doubts and take two positive measures, which will quickly promote the rebound of the national polypropylene market. The first is to eliminate the impact of imports, do not exaggerate imports, actively adopt stable sales channels, balance and supply evenly, and do not cause insufficient supply of domestic wire drawing materials in the Guangdong market, which will inevitably lead to middlemen Post processing enterprises seeking to import will increase the import volume. Imported products are always lower than the domestic price before there are some positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. It is beneficial to observe that the shape of the test sample recovers after the expansion of the test sample and the release of vacuum. Once the imported products have no market with shortage of goods, they will not generate profits. China is a relatively independent region, and foreign exchange control determines the existence, scale, speed and interests of the import market. Second, we should eliminate worries at home, do not overemphasize objectivity, actively adopt effective marketing strategies, oppose low-cost bidding, conform to the trend of the national polypropylene market, and grow stronger from stability. Moreover, the international crude oil market price has been at a stable high level recently, and the plastic market price in Asia is relatively stable. The general environment and conditions are conducive to the healthy and benign development of the domestic plastic market. We must not miss the opportunity and delay the opportunity. No matter what the outcome of the Sino US aircraft collision incident is, and how the service life of the equipment can be extended, and how the trade friction with Japan and South Korea is, the more tense the external market is, the more popular the domestic market is. Because China's development demand, in terms of plastics, can not meet the domestic supply. Therefore, the polypropylene industry and plastic industry in China should work together, form a consensus, cheer up, and actively forge ahead to improve the stability and benign development of the domestic market as soon as possible

recent market forecast: the national polypropylene market is generally stable, and the price is becoming stronger and stronger

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