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Glass waiting for good digestion, short-term callback demand

1 News points:

(1) the introduction of policies to promote urbanization is speeding up. An official of the national development and Reform Commission revealed that the first draft of the "plan for promoting the healthy development of urbanization (year)" led by the national development and Reform Commission has been prepared. The core level took the lead in reducing wages. The plan said that "urbanization will drive 40 trillion investment in the next decade". Plans for the construction of urbanization systems in various regions have also been released one after another

(2) the Ministry of housing and urban rural development said on the 25th that it will continue to strictly implement differentiated housing credit, tax policies and purchase restriction measures next year, resolutely curb the demand for speculative investment housing, and support reasonable owner occupied housing and improved demand. Continue to promote the construction of urban personal housing information system

"China glass composite index": 1034.24 points (↓ 1.39 points) on December 25th, 2012

"China glass price index": 1004.75 points (↑ 0.23 points)

"China glass market confidence index": 1152.19 points (↓ 1.72 points)

2 Trend analysis:

at noon yesterday, the sharp rise of the stock index and the leading rise of the real estate sector led to the sharp rise of rebar (3873,91. The equipment with hydraulic skills has a good safety and reliability of 0.00,2.38%), coke, glass and other related products in the real estate sector. Five minutes before the closing of the morning session, FG broke through the previously predicted 1345 pressure at one fell swoop, reaching more than 1350, reaching the peak of 1363 innovation. However, in the afternoon after that, it did not maintain a strong upward attack, but showed a volatile downward trend, closing at 1352. Although it was predicted yesterday that "from the five minute line, we can see that there is still a wave of rise in the short term, and we need to pay attention to the effectiveness of the 1345 breakthrough", we did not expect the strength and speed of this offensive. From the position ranking, when FG is at this high level, short sellers still occupy a certain position advantage, and there is no significant reduction in positions. It can be seen that bears are waiting for the digestion of the good news in the real estate sector, while bulls continue to use this good news to hit the high point. The subsequent positive news mainly focused on the stock index, securities and real estate sector news, while the negative news still focused on the FG seasonal off-season. Whether the contract goes up or down, it needs a consolidation process. It is suggested to operate in the range of more than 10 billion yuan a year. The trend of 09 contract continues to be strong, but the risk of chasing up is high. There is a demand for correction in the short term, and bulls need to pay attention to the opportunity of correction before entering

3. Operation suggestions:

according to yesterday's operation suggestions, empty orders in the early stage should stop at 1355 and leave the market, and empty orders above the top 1355 line can continue to be held in a small amount. Multiple orders should always pay attention to the trend callback demand. It is expected that there will be a small callback tomorrow, which may reach the 1336 one-third retracement level in the short term

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