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The glass machinery industry has broad prospects

in recent years, new lines and technological transformation projects in China's glass industry have gradually increased, and the pace of enterprise transition has been accelerating, which will promote the development of the domestic green glass machinery market in the synthesis process of glass (2) plastic additives

the market survey and analysis of glass machinery show that China's glass machinery has increased by 10% every year since 2001, and has exceeded the 4000 ton mark in 2003. In the five years from 2004, an average of 5 ~ 10 large and medium-sized float glass production lines with a capacity of more than 500 tons will be expanded every year, which will greatly stimulate the demand of the glass machinery market. Accordingly, industry experts predict that the market demand of China's glass machinery will exceed 10000 tons in 2010, and the market demand of processing glass machinery will rise steadily with an average growth rate of 14.79%

in order to promote the development of glass machinery industry, the mechanical equipment professional committee of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association organized relevant experts and enterprises in the industry to jointly prepare the industry standard zbj/hb for common glass processing machinery in 2004, which was recommended for implementation on May 1, 2004. In 2007, the release and implementation of the glass machinery standard formulated by experts organized by the association further promoted the sustainable and stable development of China's glass machinery industry, and improved the standardization level and international competitiveness of China's glass machinery equipment

among the standards for glass machinery issued and implemented this time, there are 8 standards for cold worked glass machinery; 7 mechanical standards for insulating glass; 2 mechanical standards for flat/bent tempered glass; Laminated glass is easy to cause small piston damage, and there are 4 mechanical standards for oil leakage. The implementation of the standard not only puts forward unified technical requirements for the member units of the association that produce glass machinery and equipment, but also plays a positive role in standardizing the design and manufacturing of glass machinery and standardizing the industry

entering the 21st century, China's glass industry has gradually increased its requirements for the safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, fire prevention, decoration and other aspects of high-quality and high-end float glass raw sheets, and the processed glass market is also heating up. In addition, the venue construction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo also made processing 1 The load sensor of pressure testing machine is damaged, and the market demand for glass is rising rapidly. All the above reasons will greatly stimulate the development of China's glass processing machinery market

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