The hottest glass market overdrafts in advance, an

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The glass market overdrafts in advance, and the dividend futures in the peak season are expected to rise cyclically.

important news

the domestic economic number will hit market confidence as usual; European economy shows signs of recovery; The withdrawal of the United States from QE has been widely recognized by the market

the Ministry of Finance announced that in 2013, the total tax revenue of the country reached 5926.061 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, and the growth rate slowed significantly

as the end of July approached, there was tension in the domestic interbank market again, and the 7-day repo rate once rose to 5%+

the contracted sales index of existing homes in the United States in June fell 0.4% month on month. The Chicago Fed Midwest manufacturing index in June was 96.0, with the previous value revised from 95.8 to 95.6

Wall Street investment banks believe that the Federal Reserve will begin to cut QE by $20billion a month in September

Haruhiko Kuroda publicly supported Japan to raise sales tax as planned

the spot market of steel raw materials in Europe rose steadily on March 1. The demand for oil rose in April and may, and other economic data can show that the economy of the region is growing

glass index analysis

on the 29th, the "China glass composite index" rose 1.8 points over the previous day, and the process was completely completed under physiological conditions. The "China glass price index" Rose 1.95 points, and the "China glass market confidence index" Rose 1.63 points. The three major indexes accelerated their rise, with the confidence index rising at a low V-shaped level. The traditional peak season of demand is coming, and the indexes are expected to continue to rise. Throughout the performance of the index and futures, the trend of the index deviates from the trend of futures on k2016, and the correlation may be corrected in the later stage

glass spot situation

"On July 26, the East China meeting proposed that glass production enterprises increase the glass price by about 40 yuan/ton. Recently, the production and sales of production enterprises in Shahe region have been balanced, and the inventory has gradually decreased. The inventory in Shahe region has decreased from 260000 tons at the end of June to about 100000 tons. Some production enterprises have slightly increased the glass price by about 10-20 yuan/ton. Approaching the traditional peak sales season in August and September, production enterprises have restored their confidence in the future market of glass, and have increased the glass price one after another. ”In addition, the Northeast glass conference will be held in early August, and the market atmosphere continues to favor

On the 29th, most manufacturers in North China, East China and South China raised their prices. Due to good shipments and low inventory in North China recently, major manufacturers in Shahe region are willing to increase prices, and some manufacturers raise their quotations slightly. The market performance in East China was slightly better. Major enterprises responded to the price increase of about 20 yuan/ton in East China meeting, and the regional inventory was normal. The shipment situation in South China is good, and the enterprise inventory is normal. In Central China, the circulation is general and the regional inventory is normal. The spot markets in the southwest and northwest regions have good delivery, some enterprises take the opportunity to raise prices, and the inventories of production enterprises are normal. Northeast China is dominated by rigid demand, with general short-term sales

on the whole, with the continuous improvement of market conditions, enterprises gradually raise prices to spy on downstream demand, expand production capacity and compress the upward space of market prices. In the future, we will pay attention to the changes in demand and gradually weaken the impact of unilateral price increases on the market

futures situation of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

on the 29th, glass futures continued to fluctuate downward against the background of a slight rise in spot prices and a sharp rise in industry indexes, which to some extent surprised investors, but the pattern of large-scale shocks did not change. In September, the contract fell by 24 yuan/ton to close at 1340 yuan/ton, breaking through the lower edge of the range and opening up downward space. The market is not optimistic about its delivery and settlement price. In January, the contract explored the upper edge of the decline channel, falling by 15 yuan/ton, or 1.09%, to close at 1356 yuan/ton. The trading volume was flat compared with the previous day, with 27930 positions increased. In May, the contract fell below 1400 support, down 16 yuan/ton, or 1.13%, to 1394 yuan/ton. The trading volume increased by 30% compared with the previous day, with 3480 positions increased. After the successful position transfer of the contract, the market is still not optimistic about the settlement price of the contract delivery in September, and the arbitrage opportunity of how far the month is empty and how close the month is is obvious. Early arbitrage began to make profits and continue to hold arbitrage portfolio. Recently, focus on the bottom of the contract in September, and then gradually establish a multi order, main contract reference range on the far month contract


the domestic glass market stabilized and improved, and prices continued to rise, better than the same period last year. The glass industry index rose significantly, of which the confidence index rebounded in a low V-shaped manner. Recently, the East China glass industry conference raised prices, and the Northeast glass industry conference will be held at the beginning of next month. The price adjustment of enterprises tends to be rational, and the market performance is stable. On the 29th, the domestic market was generally stable, inventory and sales in various regions were optimistic, and the market stalemate slowly changed. Glass futures are still dominated by shock and fall. In the short term, we should pay attention to the investment opportunities brought by the deviation between the price trend of glass spot and futures. The contract contraction in September was downward, and the trend may last for a long time. The far month contract continued to narrow the range of the earthquake amplitude for adjustment. 30 days, holding arbitrage portfolio; Pay attention to the bottom of the contract in September, and then gradually establish a multi order, main contract reference range on the far month contract

investment suggestions today

intra day investment falls back and is mainly long, with reference to the range; Rolling hedging of production enterprises with cost advantages; Hold arbitrage portfolio

Author: Zhao Fei (Wanda futures Xi'an Business Department) the content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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