The hottest glass market may adjust

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Glass market may adjust

it is reported that the transaction focus of domestic float glass spot market after the festival is steadily rising, and the market trading sentiment is improving. With the improvement of the weather, the shipment has also accelerated, and an appropriate amount of goods are prepared in the downstream. Many insiders believe that there is still room for the spot price to rise in March, the shipment will slow down in the middle and late March, and the price driver will turn to rigid demand in the later period

throughout the year, the new production capacity of float glass is concentrated in the second half of the year, and float glass is expected to maintain a high-level operation pattern at least in the first half of the year. Some insiders of relevant listed companies said that the orders on hand in the first quarter were full, and the maintenance of high glass prices would have a positive effect on the performance

according to statistics, the current national average price is 2190.4 yuan/ton, (2) automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber and other enterprises increased by 46 yuan/ton compared with before the holiday. In terms of regions, shipments in North China recovered rapidly after the festival, with most factories rising by yuan/weight box; East China made the software system of the control equipment disconnected from the equipment, and the manufacturer's price increased by yuan/weight box; The trading in Central China has also been heating up in the week; In the early stage after the South China Festival, some factories set low prices. Recently, shipments have improved, and prices have been raised by yuan/weight box. At the same time, the inventory of float manufacturers in most parts of the country began to decline rapidly

for the recent price rise, some analysts said that after the float glass price hit a record high in December 2020, the price callback occurred in January. After the price correction before the festival, the price has reached the psychological price of many people. From the demand side, there are more orders for processing plants after the festival, which has increased significantly compared with previous years. Some medium and large processing plants have abundant orders after the festival. Mongolia is welcome to set up a cultural center in China. Therefore, there is a large and centralized stock up in the post Festival market

insiders of some glass related listed companies said that they noticed that the price of float glass increased after the festival. In addition to demand factors, the rise in raw material costs will also play a role in transmission

futures are often the leading indicator of spot goods. A private equity manager who specializes in tracking commodity futures said that recently, glass commodity futures rose rapidly, which should be due to the tension in production capacity after the holiday. With the increase in demand after the holiday, the short-term supply-demand balance was broken

in the short term, after the recent centralized stocking, the inventory in the middle and lower reaches has increased rapidly. At present, the inventory of large traders in the main regions has reached about 20 days, the processing plants basically hold the inventory for about 15 days, and some large traders and processing plants hold the inventory for a high number of days. Cui Yuping believes that with the further increase of stock volume in the later period, it is expected that the shipment of manufacturers will slow down in mid March, and there is a slight possibility of price loosening in some regions after mid March

on the whole, the glass market may be adjusted in the short term. On the one hand, it can suppress the spot price of soda ash, and on the other hand, it will reduce the operating rate of soda ash manufacturers. However, it is expected that the callback range will not be too large, and the glass price will continue to be optimistic in the medium and long term

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