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The Lunan glass market witnessed the "spring and autumn glory" of the glass industry. Entering the Lunan glass market, all kinds of glass products are real and illusory, with streamers and colors, as if they were in a magical "crystal world". The 18 year development history of the glass market in southern Shandong has witnessed the "spring and autumn chapter" of Linyi glass industry, which has grown steadily from a toddler to today's glory

in 1992, the Party branch of songwangzhuang community in Linyi city asked the cracked screen to be repaired. Wang Shunyin, the Secretary of Ruxin, was bent on leading the villagers to "go to a well-off society" as soon as possible. Seeing the development of Linyi market in full swing, he was anxious to become "a fire". After repeated investigation and demonstration, he found that the building materials market in Linyi was still blank, so he led the villagers to build a dozen rows of simple greenhouses on the northwest side of Jiefang Road and Mengshan Avenue, which is the birthplace of the now famous "Lunan building materials market"

guoyugui is one of the earliest glass operators who settled in the "Lunan building materials market". He recalled the scene at that time and said, "we began to buy recycled glass and flat glass from Qingdao, Tengzhou, Hebei and other places. The model consumers need is also very simple. They only need to cut it by hand, and there is no competition."

however, the market is always changing. In 1995, due to the strong and rapid growth of the domestic economy, the new production capacity of the glass industry accelerated, and the flat glass also ushered in the second climax of development since 1988, and the glass consumption entered a period of rapid growth. Guo Yugui and other business operators also took advantage of this opportunity to drum up their pockets, laying a good foundation for the innovation, transformation and upgrading of the glass industry in the later stage

in 1997, with the arrival of the "spring" of Linyi glass industry, more and more business operators were required to enter the market. The stalls were in urgent need, and the market began to expand and develop. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, Wang Shunyin decisively proposed to divert the glass, hardware and ceramics in the "Lunan building materials market" to the "seven road market" at the intersection of Jiefang Road and langyawang Road, and planned the city. There are also special business areas for glass sales

the glass manufacturing industry has high energy consumption and large volume of finished products. Therefore, energy, railway transportation and key raw material heavy oil occupy a very important position in the production cost of the industry. Since 1997, the prices of heavy oil, water and electricity, and railway transportation have been rising sharply, resulting in the doubling of glass manufacturing costs, the "resurgence" of production lines that had previously been eliminated, such as small flat drawing, small rolling, small upward drawing, etc., and the continuous decline in glass prices caused by adverse competition such as cost reduction and price reduction sales. The "toddler" Linyi glass industry suffered from this industry "cold", and the trauma is self-evident

there is always a turning point in the crisis. In order to deal with the "cold" in the glass industry, the state has issued a series of supporting policies to save energy, reduce consumption and improve the product structure. With the increase of people's income and the acceleration of housing commercialization, as well as the cancellation of welfare housing distribution measures by the state, housing consumption has further heated up. Float glass has become a new favorite of consumers because of its high purity and flawless characteristics. It has become a general trend for float process to replace the backward lead and draw process, and the dusty Linyi glass industry has brought new opportunities

Guo Yugui took the lead in introducing float glass into Linyi market. The market boomed again, glowing with a "second spring"

the number of business operators is increasing, and the market stalls are in urgent need again. In order to maintain this "good situation", Wang Shunyin resolutely decided to divert the market again, expand the business scale, and separate the glass, hardware, and ceramics in the "seven way market" into a market. On May 1st, 2000, Lunan glass market was opened, belonging to Shandong Huaqiang group. The number of business households has increased from 50 to 60 to more than 100, the market area has expanded from 20 mu to 40 mu, and the business area has also increased to 2. With an area of 50000 square meters, Lunan glass market has become a dazzling pearl in Linyi market

with the continuous emergence of high-tech and deep-processing products in all walks of life, some operators in Lunan glass market also began to be eager to take the development road of deep processing and improving the added value of products

secondary manufacturing of glass, i.e. deep processing glass, is a glass product with specific functions, such as laminated glass, coated glass, polished glass, carved glass, coated glass, sandblasted glass, etc., which is made of one-time formed flat glass (float glass, ordinary lead flat glass, calendered glass, flat glass) as the basic raw material and adopts different processing processes according to the use requirements. Compared with primary glass manufacturing, it has the functions of improving peel strength, enhancing safety and enriching glass surface

glass deep-processing products break the single characteristics of traditional glass, and are favored by consumers because of their bright color, beautiful pattern, strong safety and other advantages

since 2000, some business operators in the market have put into operation the glass deep processing industry in order to reduce costs, save energy and reduce consumption. They went to major glass processing enterprises across the country to learn from their teachers, brought the latest glass deep-processing technology to Linyi, and introduced updated production equipment. Linyi glass deep processing enterprises have sprung up. "Suddenly, as if the spring breeze came overnight, thousands of pear trees were in bloom." Since then, Linyi glass industry has entered an era of great development and strides. Tempered glass, insulating glass, coated glass, laminated glass and other products have shown the brand of "made in Linyi"

in recent years, under the guidance of the national energy-saving policy, energy-saving glass, such as insulating glass, has become a popular market and has become the main product of the glass market in southern Shandong. In addition to the demand for energy-saving glass in new buildings, the energy-saving transformation of glass in civil buildings should also be adjusted or cleaned. Thus, Lunan glass market has injected the "blood" of science, technology and environmental protection

Wang Shunyin, chairman of Shandong Huaqiang group, said: "Scientific and technological innovation is the potential driving force for the development of any market. The deposit rejection system is also one of the most effective means for governments to promote the forced classification of garbage. In order to avoid market weakness, we must continue to promote market development. As the development platform of Linyi glass industry, Lunan glass market has promoted the rapid development of deep processing in Linyi glass industry and witnessed the 'spring and autumn chapter' of Linyi glass industry."

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