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The glass market has made efforts to delay the time and extent of price decline

current production enterprises are also unwilling to start the off-season mode too early, and have made efforts to delay the time and extent of price decline, resulting in insufficient momentum for price decline. It is expected that the domestic market will be deadlocked in the short term

the whole national market is mainly deadlocked, and the price has no obvious change. The price trend of glass market in East China, central China, South China, North China, southwest and Northeast China jointly affects the price trend of domestic futures disk glass. At present, the markets in East China and South China with relatively large market demand are relatively cautious due to the large inflow of glass from other ports

the capacity reduction in East China market is relatively large, resulting in a relative slowdown in the contradiction between supply and demand in the region. The production enterprises basically maintain the balance of production and sales in the current period, and the market price is relatively stable. From the perspective of downstream demand, there is no obvious sign of reduction at present, and most deep-processing enterprises have an early shutdown and holiday. The varieties and specifications of some manufacturers have changed, and the price has been slightly reduced, which has little impact on other manufacturers

the market price in Central China is stable and the inventory of enterprises is OK. The main reason is that a large number of glasses in this region are sold to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to make up for the shrinkage of the southwest market, while the market demand in Central China has not changed significantly

some manufacturing enterprises in North China make small price adjustments according to their inventory status, and most manufacturers' prices are relatively stable. Dealers also install the corresponding jaws into the upper and lower jaw seats to purchase as soon as possible according to the orders of downstream processing enterprises, so as to minimize their own product inventory. Near the end of the year, most deep-processing enterprises catch up with the final orders and are cautious about receiving orders

the market in South China is dominated by weak consolidation. Although in the traditional sense, the current market demand in South China should be the peak season, because the climate is suitable for construction and there is a rush at the end of the year, many customers have bought electronic universal experimental machines. But this year, affected by the prominent contradiction between supply and demand, the sales situation is general, and the market price is difficult to compare with the same period last year

in the southwest market, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, causing most traders to adopt the purchase strategy of "come in and go out"; The collection of production enterprises in Northeast China has made general progress, and traders are not active

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