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Datuo glass machinery will appear at the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition

the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China Glass Exhibition) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from May 20 to 23, 2015. Its quality and scale have been strongly supported and widely welcomed by the global glass industry. It is important to comprehensively display the overall level of China's glass industry technology, Strengthening international exchanges and cooperation has played an important role. At present, China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition has a wide influence in the world and has become an internationally renowned exhibition. It is the largest international glass exhibition in Asia and one of the three major international glass exhibitions in the world

the exhibition area of this exhibition is more than 90000 square meters. It is expected that more than 900 domestic and foreign manufacturers from nearly 30 countries will participate in the exhibition. More than 30000 professional visitors from more than 90 countries will come to visit, purchase and negotiate trade. At the same time, nearly 20 technical lectures will be held, and dozens of Chinese and foreign media and stations will report and comment on the exhibition

in 2015, the country will further accelerate the pace of eliminating the backward production capacity of the glass industry and strengthen the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the glass industry, which will put forward new requirements for the glass industry from raw material optimization, technical process and equipment improvement, product quality and variety, intelligent operation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and will bring many good opportunities to the glass industry in the coming period. As an important exhibition platform for the international glass industry, China glass exhibition will bring more business opportunities to international companies with leading technology and small and medium-sized enterprises with specialized characteristics

Foshan Datuo Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the exhibition, and the booth number is: W

Foshan Datuo Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a R & D and production-oriented enterprise specializing in manufacturing glass deep processing equipment. The company has a superior location and convenient transportation. The company is equipped with modern processing, assembly and testing machinery and complete supporting facilities. The company develops and introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, and produces glass deep processing equipment and related products with reliable technical performance and first-class quality to meet the requirements of customers for high quality and efficiency

the company mainly develops glass deep-processing products: glass straight-line beveled edge grinding machine, glass straight-line straight edge grinding machine, glass straight-line multi-level edge grinding machine, glass straight-line double-sided edge grinding machine, and automobile rearview mirror production line. The company combines well-known engineering designers, electrical engineers, excellent production management personnel and leading line production staff in the industry, such as microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine, and has strong technical force and rich production experience in finding and solving the difficulties and problems existing in the use of users in a timely manner

precision comes from specialty, specialty comes from concentration, and concentration realizes innovation and innovation achieves ideals. Datuo glass machinery is customer-oriented and aims to improve production efficiency and product quality. It provides first-class technology and can carry out different experiments; First class products and first-class after-sales service. Actively expand domestic and foreign markets, give play to its unique competitive advantages, continue to improve quality and service, continue to make unremitting efforts for the development of China's glass machinery industry, and sincerely work with customers to create success. Datuo glass machinery will grandly participate in the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, and sincerely welcome new and old friends to visit and guide

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