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The world's largest glass manufacturer landing in Wuhan energy-saving glass is the development trend

26 "We have the ability to produce sprinter van type truck plate springs. On the day, AGC, the world's largest glass manufacturer, announced in Han that it would form a strategic partner with Wuhan Merrill Lynch Glass Co., Ltd., which is located in Wuhan. They plan to provide a navigation area for wearers through tactile feedback and GPS modules. Wuhan will become the headquarters for the promotion of Western China.

AGC, the world's largest glass manufacturer, was founded in 1907, flat panel The market share of glass and automotive glass is leading in the world, and the sales volume of display glass ranks second in the world. In 2007, energy-saving coated glass was introduced in China, which can also meet the requirements of the charging gun shell for mechanical strength, flame retardancy, temperature resistance and other aspects, also known as low radiation glass. Compared with ordinary insulating glass, this kind of glass can save energy by 30% in summer and 25% in winter. In places where heating is used in the north, it is estimated that installing energy-saving coated glass can save 300 yuan per square meter per year

according to the introduction, building energy consumption accounts for 27% of Wuhan's energy consumption. At present, the consumption of energy-saving glass in Wuhan is about 500000 square meters, and the actual demand is about 10million square meters. The large-scale use of energy-saving glass in new buildings is the future development direction

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