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Glass knowledge: the use of various glass adhesives

sanitary ware products can linger in the domestic trend of middle and low-end links for a long time. The era of sanitary ware hardware is coming. "Labor shortage" is getting worse and worse. Ceramic enterprises launch "three board axe" to rush for work Definition of solar energy and technical performance of solar water heater the tensile value used in the tensile test process of bathroom cabinet blj-8019 is higher than that of general rubber products small door shower room vm06-vm0622 Wrigley apg4115 bathroom cabinet

white latex

home decoration is applied to carpentry, wall cloth pasting, etc., and also can be used to paste leather paper, etc., with a long solidification time, which is generally solidified 12 hours after operation

3 anatomical drawing of rubber vibration reduction and isolation bearings 09 glue

also known as all-purpose glue, is mainly applicable to today's major projects and key research and development of finished products, which is tomorrow's core competitiveness. Wooden surface laminates, plastic surface laminates, metal surface laminates, have high bonding strength, long service life, but are not elastic, and are not easy to open glue; Flammable. When in use, the two sides that should be butted must be coated with glue. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes, and butt when the glue surface is not sticky

floor glue

is suitable for wooden floor plates. The setting time is short, and it will set after 1-3 hours; High bonding strength and long service life; It can be used for floor splicing

stone adhesive

marble glue is commonly used, which is mainly applicable to the docking and repair of various marbles and the installation of finished plates. Marble glue solidifies quickly, and solidifies 30 minutes after operation; High bonding strength and long service life; No expansion and contraction, fragile by impact

cooked rubber powder

in the construction process of decoration wall putty, in addition to adding white latex, cooked rubber powder must also be added to increase its strength

wallpaper adhesive

is specially used for wall pasting wallpaper, wallpaper, etc. The wallpaper glue solidifies quickly, solidifies 4 hours after operation, and the bonding strength is moderate

pvc special glue

is suitable for bonding PVC pipes and fittings. PVC special, fast solidification. High adhesion and long service life; Large expansion and inelastic; Good waterproof performance

electrical special glue

is specially used for bonding plastic wiring pipes and pipe fittings and insulation sealing. Fast solidification; Strong adhesion and long service life; No expansion and elasticity; Good insulation and sealing performance; Flame retardant

tile adhesive

tile adhesive is a new building material, which can replace the traditional cement pasting method and can be directly used to paste tiles

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