Ontario Liberals promise $16 minimum wage, portabl

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Ontario Liberals promise $16 minimum wage:1622669610133,, portable benefits package if elected | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca is promising that his party will boost the minimum wage to $16, work to set regional living wages, and compensate businesses for legislating 10 paid sick days if they win the June election.

The promises were contained in a campaign speech delivered Saturday to party membersThe highest ever in a 24-hour period, bringing Thailand, billed as the Liberals’ first in-person campaign event of the year. Del Duca said they are part of a plan for “economic dignity.”

“It’s time to give workers real protection for their livelihood,” he said in prepared remarkswhereas Canada saw about 6,000 cases per day.

“Look, our economy has changed and new ways of working won’t end. That’s okay. We can embrace innovation and create prosperity — but we have an obligation to make it work better for more people.”

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