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In modern cities, every inch of land is worth every cent of money. It is necessary to understand the "full use of space". When arranging tatami in a small space, we often find that the "chicken ribs" space left at the end of the bed is not used reasonably

in fact, placing a simple storage cabinet in this area can not only improve the utilization of the abnormal space, but also meet the dual needs of beauty and practicality

then, here comes the problem! What kind of cabinet should be installed at the end of tatami bed to make the indoor space different? Let's discuss it today

tatami wardrobe at the end of the tatami bed

the tatami design of many small families generally combines the functions of guest rooms and study, and strives to meet some storage needs, so as to achieve the purpose of "one room for two purposes"

this is certainly a very wise choice, but if you don't have so many books to collect at home, it's better to design a wardrobe at the end of the bed honestly

the advantage of this layout is that it can not only store clothes, but also ensure that the room is clean and tidy, giving a sense of openness to the vision

in the case of few books, several shelves are arranged on the wall, and the lower part is directly used as a writing desk or workbench, which is creative and beautiful, and can also increase the sense of hierarchy of the space

a more ingenious design is to "steal" the space from the side of the wardrobe, hide the storage, facilitate the placement of small items, and also meet the different storage needs of homeowners

placing tatami next to the window gives it the performance of the floating window, which can achieve excellent results in terms of lighting and vision

if you are worried about restlessness when sleeping, you will always kick into the cabinet, and even feel tied up. You might as well leave space under the wardrobe according to the height. In this way, you can also hide pillows, quilts, storage baskets, etc., so that the space has a stronger storage function

bookcase at the end of tatami bed

for families with more books, placing a bookcase in the remaining space at the end of tatami bed is not only convenient for daily access, but also improves the artistic atmosphere of the whole space ~ ~ ~

if you are worried that some idle books fall into dust, you can install glass doors for them

it is installed as a hanging cabinet, or it is designed as a multi Baoge exhibition cabinet with staggered layout and different sizes, which not only brings a strong decorative effect, but also adds a bit of interest to the space

combined design of wardrobe and bookcase

if the space in your home is large enough, create a combined design of wardrobe and bookcase, which is convenient and practical, and can save the time of choosing and matching furniture

the multifunctional furniture combination integrates storage and decoration, avoiding the monotony and dullness of the small bedroom. Full score of creativity ~ ~ ~

through clever design techniques, the small space can also hold so many beautiful expectations. What kind of tatami design do you like? Let's speak freely





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