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Decorating a house is a troublesome thing. Those who have renovated the house say so, and those who have not renovated think so. For those owners who are afraid of trouble and have better economic conditions, it is a good choice to buy a house with fine decoration. However, choosing a hardbound house for repair does not mean that you can be absolutely free from worry. When choosing and moving in, the necessary acceptance is still indispensable. As the decoration of the house has ended, the decoration quality of the house has been unable to be scrutinized. We can only start with some nuances. Here is

decorating a house is a trouble. Those who have renovated the house say so, and those who have not renovated think so. For those owners who are afraid of trouble and have better economic conditions, it is a good choice to buy a house with fine decoration. However, choosing a hardbound house for repair does not mean that you can be absolutely free from worry. When choosing and moving in, the necessary acceptance is still indispensable. As the decoration of the house has been completed, the decoration quality of the house has been unable to be carefully observed. We can only start with some nuances. Here are some suggestions for the acceptance of the hardbound house, which will also be a good reference for the owners who are decorating

1. Preparation work

house inspection is a hard and complex project. The preparation work must be in place before starting, so that the house inspection can be handy. The house purchase contract must be provided. There are many annexes on the contract that are of great significance to the acceptance of the decorated house, such as the community distribution map, the agreed rules, etc

the room type drawings with dimensions should be prepared before the acceptance of the house, not only the layout plan of the house, but also the circuit and waterway drawings should be complete. Before checking and accepting the house, you should take the keys. There are many keys, including floor keys, door keys, water meter and electricity meter keys. Be careful not to miss them. The confirmation form of decoration materials is also indispensable during the acceptance, which records the brand, style and model of the materials. It needs to be checked during the acceptance of the fully decorated house

2. Acceptance structure

if the structure of the fully decorated house is found to be inconsistent with the contract, it must be raised with the real estate developer before moving in. If there is resistance, it can also be reported to the relevant government departments. If only non structural problems are found, the house can be truthfully recorded in writing at the time of handover, requiring the real estate developer to make a written commitment to repair within a certain time limit. The first step is to check the overall decoration of the house, check the area, check the location orientation, measure the public area, and check whether some outdoor facilities are in good condition

checking engineering projects is often ignored by many owners, who believe that problems are unlikely to occur. In fact, many owners are surprised to find that there are omissions in construction projects after moving in

the house inspection should pay attention to whether the materials used are consistent with the commitments in the contract, whether they are well-known brands, whether the models and styles are corresponding, etc. if there are errors, they should be negotiated in time. There is sometimes such a problem after the decoration of small high-rise buildings. The floor height is inconsistent with the developer's commitment. Small high-rise buildings that are already nervous before the decoration are more likely to become depressed after the decoration. Whether the balcony can be closed is a common concern for owners after taking over the house. Owners who buy decorated houses must also consider that if the balcony is to be closed in the future, some layouts may need to be changed now. Whether the exhaust holes in the bathroom are reserved is a link that should not be ignored in the acceptance. You can uncover the ceiling to check whether the pipes are installed in place. We must not ignore some vacant structures, especially pay attention to the size and see what can be used in the future. For example, if the space in the kitchen is not enough to put the refrigerator, it will be very embarrassing

3. Check and accept drainage pipes and electric lines

carefully check the drawings to see whether the location of important facilities has changed, and the changes should be recorded; The design position of this junction box should have been above the wall. The construction party has made changes. It is difficult to clarify the responsibility in the future without modifying the design

first, check whether the water supply and drainage pipe is smooth, turn on the tap to drain water, see whether there is leakage and blockage in the water, and then look at the water pressure to observe whether the drainage speed is ideal. Connect a cup of water under the tap and observe whether there is rust. If you think there is a problem with the quality of water supply, you can ask the developer to provide the water quality inspection certificate issued by the epidemic prevention department. Observe whether the position of the water supply and drainage pipe is reasonable, and whether there are signs of water seepage around. The leaking place usually leaves marks on the wall, which can be found as long as you check carefully

there is generally a limit on the total electrical capacity of households. "Two-way power supply, lighting and power system shunting" is the most basic requirement, which should be reflected in the line layout of the distribution box. To check the fully decorated house, we should do the experiment of switching off the power. First, pull down the main gate to see whether the indoor power is completely cut off; Then close the opening respectively to see whether each branch line is fully controlled. Check whether the lamp caps and sockets in each house have electricity, and whether the positions of telephone sockets, broadband sockets, TV antenna sockets and emergency sockets are accurate and unobstructed. If necessary, they can be inspected together with the developer

the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should reserve a stand outside each main hall, the air conditioner should reserve a pipeline hole, and the fully enclosed space should reserve an air conditioning pipeline channel. Gas pipeline: generally, the gas pipeline should go through the open pipe, so that once there is a gas leakage, it can be found in time, convenient for maintenance, and there are no potential safety hazards. When checking the house, it is necessary to check whether the degree of water, electricity, and gas meters is zero

4. Check and accept the construction quality of sky, ground, wall, sky, ground and wall

these will be directly reflected from all surfaces of the house, which will have a great impact on the beauty and function of the house. There are many details to be paid attention to in the acceptance of "sky, ground and wall". First, check whether the ground is flat. Professionals use a level meter. You can use a table tennis ball instead. Put the table tennis ball on the ground. If the table tennis ball rolls disorderly, it means that the ground inclines seriously. Pay attention to whether the corner line of the wall is straight, whether the wall is flat, and whether there are cracks. If you find it, you must make sure whether it is a structural crack of the house, and you'd better ask the developer to check and deal with it. To check whether there is an empty drum under the wall, just tap it with a small hammer, and you can hear whether there is an empty drum below. If you don't bring a small hammer, you can also use the one dollar coin or small wooden stick you bring with you

the installation of the ceiling requires that the top corner line should be closely matched with the surrounding walls, the connection between the gusset plates should be consistent, there should be no large cracks and cocks, and the ceiling should look flat and smooth. The inspection of the floor should be based on the overall coordination, and the foot feel should also be consistent. The floor should not have arching deformation or serious color difference. During the inspection, we should also pay attention to whether there is a sound when stepping on the floor. Further inspect whether the paint film on the floor is smooth and whether there are bubbles and scratches on the surface; Pay attention to check whether the moisture content of the floor meets the requirements. The moisture content of the keel is also an important indicator. The keel should be dried before laying

the wall tiles can be tested by tapping the wall with a small hammer. It is acceptable that there is an empty drum with an area of less than 15% under a single wall tile. Then, it is necessary to mark it with a pen and rework it. In principle, there is no empty drum in the paving of floor tiles

the inspection of hardbound repair room is not only to see, but also to learn to smell. Paint with benzene exceeding the standard will make you feel a faint aroma in the room. The content of toluene diisocid in some paint exceeds the standard, and its steam is toxic, which will irritate your eyes

5. Acceptance door, window, ladder door, window, ladder

these are the key components of interior decoration. Unlike the sky, ground and wall, they mainly achieve beautiful decorative effects, and they also have very important practical functions, which are essential to daily life. It is of great practical significance to check and accept doors, windows and ladders. Now come to inspect the door. The inner side of the wooden door frame should have a smooth surface. Usually, the flatness every 2 meters should be less than 2 mm. Poor veneering or poor later protection will make this place uneven

it is necessary to check whether the veneer of the door frame is parallel to the wall, which is easy to ignore at first, especially in the case of insufficient indoor light, it looks ugly from the side after living for a long time




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