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There was once a popular psychological test that asked you which part of your new house you were more willing to spend money on decoration. The test result corresponding to the "bathroom" option was "the God of luck will always patronize you, and maybe one day you will make a fortune!", It can be seen that bathroom decoration is actually a very important part of our home decoration

a beautiful bathroom can make you feel happy and happy every day. An important component of the bathroom is the washbasin, which can add vitality to the bathroom we have worked hard to build, and has the effect of making the finishing point. But for the post-80s generation, the traditional white and plain basin is far from meeting our picky requirements for personality and taste. Therefore, Xiaobian here recommends several beautiful, fashionable and personalized basins produced by Guangdong Monroe (meimeng. Shijia) Ceramics Co., Ltd., so that you can enjoy a different experience even in the ordinary washing process. Guangdong Monroe (meimeng. Shijia) Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale sanitary ware manufacturer in Chaozhou, the capital of porcelain in China. We always take meeting the needs of the public as the starting point, adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, the pursuit of perfection", and are committed to providing the public with sanitary products with newer styles, better quality and stronger functions! It is an enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of sanitary ware. The company has always taken "gathering home fashion and creating sanitary ware products" as its development purpose, introduced advanced sanitary ware manufacturing technology and scientific management mode, and created a series of classic sanitary ware masterpieces. In terms of product quality, the company takes the lead in adopting international standards in the domestic industry. Today, the growing Monroe Ceramics Co., Ltd. has implemented brand strategy, established corporate image, resolutely followed the road of green environmental protection, comprehensively pursued health and fashion sanitary products, and created the "dream family" brand sanitary products with unique vision and advanced consciousness

post-80s bathroom decoration personalized basin

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Product Name: meimeng · aristocratic family art basin product model: 210 current price: face-to-face negotiation small starting order: unlimited supply total amount: 1000 Product Description: meimeng The representative of aristocratic family boutique sanitary ware is fired at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees. The glaze is crystalline, not easy to scratch and crack, and has the characteristics of antibacterial, non radiation, easy to clean, etc. With light yellow patterns and curved appearance design, it is fashionable without losing atmosphere. The glaze of the product is highly smooth, with few tiny pores, and the brightness will be improved, and it has the self-cleaning effect like lotus leaves. Therefore, it is not easy to absorb dirt, and it is also very easy to clean. As long as you gently wipe it off with a cloth, the water droplets with dirt will be easily wiped away without leaving a trace. The sanitary ware can be kept clean for a long time and has antibacterial effect. My products should also be on the shopping guide: show more products

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