Shangpin home furnishing New Year's greetings this

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This is the last wave of super benefits from Shangpin home accessories before the Spring Festival

the pace of Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

has the plan to transform Meijia come true

have you enjoyed the privilege of waiting left and right

you have hesitated for a whole year

this time

be sure to hold

from blessing to wealth to good luck to

during the activity, you can participate in the new year's riddle guessing interaction after entering the store. If you answer the questions of blessing and wealth correctly, you can get the corresponding new year's gift, first

cash doubling card limited grab

during the activity, new year special discount, deposit doubled, up to 8000 yuan

live in a new home in the new year

during the activity, deposit a full amount of 1000 yuan of home furnishing gifts as you choose

please choose more homestead products in the store

buy one get one free privilege limited crazy robbery

during the activity, grab the full price wardrobe and buy one get one free privilege

only 8 households are allowed to rob

grab the cupboard, 9999 yuan set meal, 3788 yuan boss kitchen electricity

only 10 households can grab it

Carnival trench gifts

during the activity, you can participate in smashing golden eggs with full payment, 100% surprise, sweeping robots, roller washing machines and other trench gifts continue, flourishing for a whole year

free door-to-door measuring ruler

free design scheme

Shangpin homestead is the last wave of huge benefits before the Spring Festival,

this is the only time to buy the bottom discount

time of activity: January 12-13

place of activity: flagship stores of Xiamen Shangpin home furnishings

(source of this article: official account of Xiamen Shangpin home furnishings)





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