How many do you know about the top ten villa style

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1、 Spanish Villa style

the appearance has bright colors, showing a passionate facade, full of enthusiasm

features: 1. Gently sloping roof covered by red tiles

2. Arched porch and window, twisted silk pattern column

3. Balcony is spacious, surrounded by iron railings

4. Large area garden

2. North American villa style

is simple and atmospheric, fully reflects the characteristics of simplicity, generosity and relaxation, and living is often humanized

North American style is mainly based on the architectural styles of four main periods:

1, the style of classical period

2, the classical style of Renaissance

3, the medieval period

4, and the modern style

III. Japanese villa style

implicit and elegant, the line structure of the building is delicate, and the tone is soft, revealing a strong oriental flavor

features: 1. Mainly brick and wood structure

2. Small, exquisite and changeable space

3. Plain appearance and exquisite proportion

4. New Chinese villa style

peaceful environment and implicit architecture

both freehand Jiangnan courtyards and independent quadrangles pursue the harmonious coexistence between people and the environment: pay attention to the stability, safety and sense of belonging of the living environment

In general, the new Chinese architecture can be summarized into two factions:

1, the courtyard school in the North

2, the garden school in the South

5. The modernist villa style

shapes a distinctive architectural expression with simple shapes and lines


1. Unity of expression and construction means

2. Coordination between architectural form and internal function

3. Simple handling methods and pure body shape

4. Absorb new achievements of visual art in architectural art




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