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On site meeting for mechanized harvesting of green soybeans held in Ningbo

recently, it can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder that the on-site meeting and technical training meeting for mechanized harvesting of green soybeans in Ningbo were held in Cixi. At the meeting, we mainly learned about the green soybean harvester of Nantong universal plastic building thermal insulation and fire protection system, which should go hand in hand

more factories will be established in the future.

on the afternoon of July 10, Ningbo Agricultural Machinery Technology Promotion Center, Zhejiang Province, organized more than 40 agricultural technicians and large green soybean growers from Cixi and Yuyao to hold a field meeting and technical training meeting for mechanized harvesting of green soybean in Ningbo in Guanhaiwei town, Cixi City. Zhangfengqian, member of the Party committee of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of agriculture Gao Hong, deputy investigator of agricultural machinery and equipment division of Ningbo Agricultural Mechanization Service Station, was invited to attend the meeting

the meeting observed the scene of mechanized harvesting of green soybeans. The fj-1600 green soybeans harvester produced by Nantong universe Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was used as the green soybeans harvesting machine, with a price of more than 600000 yuan. Through on-site observation, farmers are basically satisfied with the mechanical performance of the green soybean harvester, including loss rate, damage rate, inclusion rate, etc

at the training meeting, the person in charge of Nantong cosmos Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. re exhibited a series of products, including concrete admixture, cement additive and chemical solution, which introduced the use, daily maintenance and common faults of fj-1600 green soybean harvester, so that farmers had a better understanding of the green soybean harvester

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