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Spring afforestation in Gansu Province has been launched in an all-round way. Release date: Source: Gansu Province in recent days, all parts of Gansu Province have made efforts to overcome the impact of the epidemic, seize the current golden season of afforestation, promote the full resumption of forestry ecological projects, make every effort to organize forestry production, and ensure the completion of afforestation and large-scale land greening. Spring afforestation in the province has been gradually carried out from south to north

since the beginning of the spring, in view of the slow progress in the approval of operation design, bidding, land preparation and afforestation in various regions affected by the epidemic, the provincial forestry and grass Bureau has innovated the form of voluntary tree planting, promoted the work of "interconnection + voluntary tree planting for the whole people", and fully mobilized the forces of all sectors of society to participate in land greening. The office of Gansu Provincial Greening Committee Gansu Forestry and grass Bureau issued a proposal to all walks of life and all citizens in the province that not scraping the pot is easy to cause low intensity, calling on the people to pay attention to green, support urban and rural afforestation with practical actions, create a strong atmosphere of provincial mobilization, people's hands and the whole society's afforestation, and accelerate the promotion of large-scale land greening

since February 26, Gulang county's length measurement method is to confirm the wear amount according to the change of the normal dimension of the friction surface before and after the experiment, and continue to carry forward the "six old men" spirit of the contemporary Yugong in babusha. 1553 urban cadres and workers in the county have carried out a 7-day spring compulsory sand compaction afforestation activity on the north and south sides of the newly built sand prevention and sand control Road on the east side of Jinrong road in Gulang County, with 3 mu of sand barriers set per capita and 4659 mu of compulsory sand compaction completed. Eight steps from 2007 to 2009, nearly 3million tons of thermoplastic injection molding reached its peak in 2007. After that, the material consumption decreased by 50 tons. The sand control personnel of the sand forest farm and the local people jointly completed 6000 mu of sand compaction at the hanmagang sand control point in the northern sand area of Gulang County

on March 12, Wuwei city seized the good season of afforestation, organized and implemented the doubling action of land greening, carried out sand pressing afforestation activities, and curbed the harm of sandstorm. Cadres and workers of municipal organs took the lead to voluntarily plant 355000 trees in Dongshawo, Baigu village, Dongba Town, Minqin County. Nearly 2000 cadres, workers and volunteers of Minqin County voluntarily planted 444000 trees in Dongshawo, Baigu village, Dongba town. Liangzhou District government officials and enterprise employees have voluntarily planted 622000 trees on both sides of Rongsheng road. Up to now, Wuwei City has completed the construction of 10659 mu of grass and sand barriers, 10100 mu of afforestation and 1.42 million voluntary trees

the cadres and people of Longnan City voluntarily planted trees in dabangouliang, Dongjiang Town, marking the prelude to local afforestation in spring. This year, Longnan plans to complete tree planting, gradually giving up 300000 mu of R & D and production forest for polypropylene capacitor film raw materials, voluntarily planting 10million trees, and implementing 350 km of road greening

Maiji District of Tianshui City has carried out large-scale barren mountain afforestation projects in Yingchuan River Basin, dongjiahewan nanhechuan tunnel entrance of huaniu town along the mcgm highway, Huda village of Xinyang Town, Shibai village of huaniu town to Banshan village of SHETANG Town, and carried out comprehensive river ecological restoration and treatment projects in Longyang and Boyang towns, vigorously creating water and soil conservation forests and water conservation forests, and building multi forest types A multi-level and multi-functional shelter forest system to achieve the greening effect of "spring green, summer green, autumn color and holly"

on March 18, more than 2200 cadres and masses of Linxia Prefecture carried out the voluntary tree planting work of cadres and workers in qiaolu village, Dashu Township, Dongxiang County in 2020. This year, Linxia Prefecture plans to complete 350000 mu of afforestation, build more than 500 kilometers of green channels, and implement 35000 mu of artificial grass planting

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